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  • Microsoft Edge WebView2 Now Generally Available

    After publishing last year a preview release of WebView2, a Chromium-based control to host web content within native Windows applications, Microsoft recently announced the general availability of WebView2 for production Win32 C/C++, .NET Framework, .NET Core, and .NET 5 applications. WebView2 provides two distribution models (evergreen/fixed) with a different update policy (automatic/manual).

  • AWS Announces New Service: Amazon S3 Storage Lens

    AWS announces a new service called Amazon S3 Storage Lens, which can provide customers with organization-wide visibility into their object storage usage and activity trends. With the service, they can understand what happens across their S3 Object Storage installations.

  • BBC Online Going Serverless

    In a recent article, the BBC engineering team describes the work done moving BBC Online to the cloud and to a serverless deployment. Half of the BBC’s website is now rendered serverlessly with AWS Lambda.

  • Bazel Will Be the New Build System for the Android Open Source Project

    Google has announced that the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which provides the foundations for all Android-labelled OSes available in the market and more derivative OSes, will transition to use Bazel as its new build tool.

  • Apple's ML Compute Framework Accelerates TensorFlow Training

    As part of the recent macOS Big Sur release, Apple has included the ML Compute framework. ML Compute provides optimized mathematical libraries to improve training on CPU and GPU on both Intel and M1-based Macs, with up to a 7x improvement in training times using the TensorFlow deep-learning library.

  • Xamarin.Forms 5.0: Debugging Improvements, New Features, and Controls

    Last week at the .NET Conf 2020, Scott Hunter, Maddy Leger, and David Ortinau presented the latest Xamarin debugging improvements about Hot Reload and Hot Restart. Also, Xamarin.Forms 5.0, which is expected for the end of this year, will introduce new features and controls, such as brushes, shapes, drag-and-drop, control templates for any control, CarouselView, and SwipeView.

  • New Electron Release Supports New Apple Silicon Chips

    The Electron team recently released the 11th iteration of the popular cross-platform native desktop application framework. Electron 11 introduces support for the new Apple silicon hardware (Darwin arm64). Electron 11 also updates the versions of Chromium, Node, and its JavaScript engine.

  • Google Launches a New Serverless Database Migration Service

    Recently, Google announced a new serverless Database Migrates Service (DMS) in preview. The service supports migrations of self-hosted MySQL databases, either on-premises or in the cloud, and managed databases from other clouds, to Cloud SQL for MySQL.

  • Microsoft .NET Conf 2020: .NET 5, C# 9.0, F# 5.0, and More

    At the 2020 edition of .NET Conf, streamed online last week, Microsoft released the much-awaited .NET 5, along with new major .NET language versions (C# 9 and F# 5), ASP.NET 5, and EF Core 5.0. New versions of Visual Studio 2019 were also released, with support for .NET 5 and improved Git tooling. The event also featured sessions covering tools and frameworks such as Blazor and Project Tye.

  • AWS Announces New S3 Intelligent-Tiering Archive Access Tiers

    S3 Intelligent-Tiering is a storage class, which AWS added to Amazon S3 for optimization of storage costs for its users. The company recently announced it would add two new archive access tiers designed for asynchronous access optimized for rare access at a very low cost: Archive Access tier and Deep Archive Access tier.

  • Microsoft Announces Zone Redundancy for Azure Cache for Redis in Preview

    Recently Microsoft announced that Azure Cache for Redis would support multiple availability zones, expanding the availability and resiliency. The update to the service means customers can significantly enhance the availability of their Azure Cache for Redis instance.

  • Maximizing User Experience with Prioritized Load Shedding at Netflix

    Netflix uses its homegrown API gateway, Zuul, to classify incoming requests into priorities. When the system comes under load or is otherwise unstable, Zuul throttles traffic, starting with the lowest priority. It then progressively adjusts to shed load according to the priorities calculated until the system is healthy again.

  • The ALB Ingress Controller Is Now the AWS Load Balancer Controller

    AWS has rebranded the Application Load Balancer (ALB) Ingress controller as the AWS Load Balancer Controller, and now includes support for both Application Load Balancers and Network Load Balancers. The public vendor recently announced the renaming and updates to this Load Balancer controller, labeled as a new controller or AWS ALB Ingress Controller v2.

  • Microsoft Releases Playwright Cross-Browser End-to-End Test Runner

    Microsoft released (in preview) a dedicated test runner for Playwright, its test automation tool. The Playwright test runner provides zero-config cross-browser end-to-end testing for web apps, Jest-like assertions, and built-in support for TypeScript. The new test runner leverages Folio, a customizable test framework to build higher-level test frameworks.

  • Microsoft Releases .NET 5

    Earlier today, at .NET Conf 2020, Microsoft released .NET 5. The new release focuses on improvements of .NET Core 3.1: smaller single-file applications, support for Windows ARM64, and more capable JsonSerializer APIs are among the key features of .NET 5, along with many considerable performance improvements. New major language versions (C# 9 and F# 5) are also featured as part of this release.


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