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  • SCA Interview

    SCA has been the subject of many heated discussions since it was released to the public in 2005. In 2007 the specifications went to OASIS and created the OpenCSA forum. The OpenCSA members held their first plenary recently, coinciding with the first face-to-face meetings of the standards groups. We caught up with some of the attendees to ask them about SCA, standardization and adoption

  • Case Study: Composite Applications at Safeco

    A case study about how motor vehicle insurance records company Safeco used SOA approahes, SCA, BPEL, and composite application approaches to reuse legacy code, enable runtime modifiability thanks to decoupling, Java and .NET interoperability, and the ability to deliver a complex solution integrating over 5 systems in less than 8 weeks with a small team.

  • Interview: Ricco Deutscher on "SOPERA"

    Deutsche Post World Net, one of the world's largest logistics companies (and owner of DHL) has created a “SOA platform”, called “SOPERA”, which aims to be a full-featured SOA environment. Today, SOPERA announced it will contribute its platform to the Eclipse Foundation. InfoQ had a chance to talk to Ricco Deutscher, Managing Director of the newly founded company behind the platform.

  • SOA Programming Models

    Author Boris Lublinksy provides an overview of the dominant programming models that are emerging in the SOA domain including Windows Communication Framework (WCF), Java Business Integration (JBI) and Service Component Architecture(SCA).