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This Is the Sound of All of Us

Posted by Martin Burns  on  Apr 16, 2018 Posted by Martin Burns Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 16, 2018

Martin Burns discusses how music can help in delivering creative work.

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The Funny Thing About Innovation

Posted by Tim Reid  on  Oct 16, 2015 Posted by Tim Reid Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 16, 2015

Tim Reid, an innovation consultant and a comedy writer, shares the tricks of the trade that help comedy professionals stay fresh and original and shows how all can become as creative as comedians.

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The Spotify Tribe

Posted by Kevin Goldsmith  on  Sep 29, 2015 Posted by Kevin Goldsmith Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 29, 2015

Kevin Goldsmith presents Spotify’s internal culture promoting collaboration and creativity and the internal groupings that keep individuals and teams aligned and cross-functional.


The Power of Play - Making Good Teams Great

Posted by Portia Tung  on  Feb 11, 2015 Posted by Portia Tung Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 11, 2015

Portia Tung advises for playing at work to improve team relationships and fuel creativity.


Distributed Creativity

Posted by Josh Valman  on  Feb 07, 2015 Posted by Josh Valman Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 07, 2015

Josh Valman discusses how RPD combined people, expertise, and experience from around the world to re-design the concept of flying for a multi-billion $ airline, whilst teaching how to solve big ideas.


The Idea Stack: Finding Your Product Vision

Posted by Josh Wexler  on  Nov 08, 2014 2 Posted by Josh Wexler Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 08, 2014 2

Josh Wexler takes participants through the Idea Stack exercises and use case studies, illustrating how to build a vision for a product before developing it.


Creative Machines

Posted by Joseph Wilk  on  Feb 10, 2014 Posted by Joseph Wilk Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 10, 2014

Joseph Wilk addresses the questions if machines can be creative and what's the place of artists in such a world?


The Power of Play: Making Good Teams Great

Posted by Portia Tung  on  Oct 01, 2012 1 Posted by Portia Tung Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 01, 2012 1

Portia Tung believes that play at work can improve team relationship and can fire up creativity.