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  • Using the Common Information Model for Building Semantic Services

    Despite multiple articles on the importance of semantic messaging for services interoperability, there is very little practical guidance on using the industry specific common information models. A new DeveloperWorks article by Gandhi Sivakumar and Ram Viswanathan is trying to fill that void.

  • Introducing Business Entities and the Business Entity Definition Language

    A new developerWorks article - Data4BPM - proposes two new standards, the Business Entity Definition Language (BEDL) and BPEL4Data for the holistic design and execution of process with Business Entities.

  • Avoiding Three Common Mistakes when Implementing XML and Web Services

    In his new comment, IBM’s Kyle Brown examines three different common anti-patterns, or "worst practices," that can make adopting Web Services and SOA implementations more difficult than it needs to be.

  • Applying SOA Lessons to Web 2.0 Implementations

    In their new article, two experienced SOA architects present five SOA best practices that can help to achieve success in adopting Ajax, REST, and other Web 2.0 technologies.

  • Integrating Google App Engine with iPhone

    The newest challenge in architecting systems is how to deal with the spectrum of platforms, from cloud computing to hand-held mobile devices. A new Developer Works article demonstrates both, by integrating Google's App Engine with iPhone.

  • The Information Perspective of SOA Design

    A new DeveloperWorks article provides an introduction to the information perspective of SOA design and some of the key patterns - the business glossary, canonical models, data quality analysis, and information services.

  • Setting up COE for SOA

    As SOA continues to mature, the importance of SOA governance, helping to improve organizational support for SOA and ensure disciplined approach to SOA implementation, keeps growing. One of the ways to start and implement SOA governance is through establishing a SOA center of excellence.

  • Mocking Web Services

    Service simulation (mocking) – the ability to mimic service behavior even before they are implemented - enables service consumer developers and testers to parallelize their efforts without having to wait for service implementation to complete. Service simulation also provides a light-weight alternative to building expensive reference environments.