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AnyPresence Soups up Enterprise MBaaS Platform- Part 1 of 2

by Martin Monroe Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 30, 2013

Mobile Backend as a Service provider AnyPresence continues to hone their chops. Launching the fifth update to their self-titled platform geared for the enterprise. Co-founder Rich Mendis provides some insights for InfoQ readers…


Article: Introduction to Data Services

by Dave West Follow 3 Followers on  May 21, 2009 5

This short article by Vijay Narayanan begins with a general description of data services and why they are an integral part of any SOA architecture and then explores several aspects of data services including: a definition of need, rationale and benefits, scope, development, and consumption patterns.


Merge, Replace, or Patch: How Astoria Handles Changing Data

by Jonathan Allen Follow 655 Followers on  Jun 20, 2008

Using REST, what should happen when you perform a PUT operation to update existing data? The Astoria Team asks that question and explains their answer.


What Social Networks Are Teaching Us About Data Portability

by Steven Robbins Follow 0 Followers on  May 22, 2008

As more social networking sites are popping up, the questions around the data they keep are rising. Data portability has become the watch phrase across the Web 2.0 world. Is there something to be learned about data access and portability from these services?