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  • The Future of Data Engineering

    Chris Riccomini examines the current and future states of the art in data pipelines, data streaming, and data warehousing. He presents a six-stage evolution that data ecosystems follow, from a simple monolith to a complex data-microwarehouse architecture as the data engineers who manage them solve problems and clarify their roles as infrastructure engineers, rather than data stewards.

  • Data Lake-as-a-Service: Big Data Processing and Analytics in the Cloud

    Data Lake-as-a-Service solutions provide big data processing in the cloud for faster business outcomes in a very cost effective way. InfoQ spoke with Lovan Chetty and Hannah Smalltree from Cazena team about how Data Lake as a Service works.

  • Bridging the gap between BI & SOA

    Business intelligence (BI) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) have conflicting principles and needs. SOA promotes hiding the data inside the services while BI needs that very data if we want to get meaningful predictions and alerts. This article will show you how you can combine SOA with EDA to solve the BI/SOA conflict and maybe even enhance your SOA.