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Debugging Mobile Web Apps: Weinre and JSConsole Now, Remote WebKit Eventually

by Werner Schuster on  Jul 31, 2011

Debuggers in mobile web browsers are anemic at best. InfoQ takes a look at existing workarounds and tools like Weinre and JSConsole, as well as the upcoming changes in mobile browsers that will bring full debugging support. Also: the two mobile browsers that already live in the future and ship remote debugging support.

RedGate Will No Longer Offer .NET Reflector for Free

by Abel Avram on  Feb 04, 2011

RedGate has announced that .NET Reflector is going to become a commercial product starting with version 7 which is to be made available in the first part of March, 2011, having a price tag of $35. Reflector Pro which allows developers to debug through disassembled code is currently offered for $95.

Ruby VM Roundup: MacRuby 0.8, Rubinius 1.2, MRI 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 Updates

by Werner Schuster on  Dec 26, 2010

A whole batch of new Ruby VM releases is available. MacRuby 0.8 fixes bugs and begins the path to 1.0. Rubinius 1.2 improves memory efficiency and the debugger. MRI received new patch levels: 1.8.7-p330 and 1.9.2-p136, the first big bug fix update to 1.9.2.

is the iPhone Development Environment Superior to Android's?

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Nov 22, 2010 10

John Blanco published a comparison between the iPhone and Android Development Environment. Even though he favors Java as a programming language, he believes that Xcode and the iPhone simulators are vastly superior to the tools provided by Google. Do you agree?

A New Crop of Self Hosting IDEs: RedCar and JRuby, Cloud9 IDE and Javascript

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 30, 2010 6

Dynamic languages have a dirty, badly kept secret: their IDEs and tools are written in languages like C/C++, C# or Java. Exceptions were languages like Smalltalk - but now Ruby and Javascript developers get to build their tooling using their preferred languages. InfoQ looks at HTML/Javascript based Cloud9 IDE and JRuby and SWT based RedCar.

Rubinius 1.1 - and the Future of the GIL

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 14, 2010 2

Rubinius 1.1 is out, with JIT and performance improvements, more powerful debugging and profiling capabilities. Also: the GIL algorithm gets an overhaul in 1.1 - but it'll soon be history. In the Hydra branch of the Rubinius project, a GIL-less Rubinius is being groomed, soon to join JRuby, IronRuby and MacRuby in the GIL-less VM crowd. InfoQ caught up with Evan Phoenix about the Hydra branch.

MacRuby 0.6 With GCD and Threading Improvements, Fast Debugger, AOT

by Werner Schuster on  May 04, 2010

MacRuby 0.6 is available now, bringing debugging and vastly improved Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) support. A lot of the core functionality has been overhauled, such as a new String implementation and a new thread-safe Regex library which replaces Oniguruma. MacRuby's now considered stable for Cocoa development.

Opensource ActionScript Debugger - De Monster

by Moxie Zhang on  Oct 02, 2009

InfoQ reported a Flash and AIR debugger Arthropod earlier this year. De MonsterDebugger is another debugger launched this year for Flash, Flex and AIR application development.

Ruby 1.9 Roundup: Ruby-debug on 1.9, Ruby Switcher, MacRuby

by Werner Schuster on  Aug 08, 2009

A first incarnation of ruby-debug support on 1.9 is now available. Ruby switcher makes it easy to run different Ruby versions in parallel. Also: MacRuby's experimental branch was merged into MacRuby Trunk.

Arthropod – A Flash and AIR Debugger

by Moxie Zhang on  Feb 27, 2009

Debugging tools are essential for software development in any computer language and runtime environment. Adobe Flash platform-based rich Internet application (RIA) development, either in Flex or AIR, is no exception. While the Flex/AIR is maturing, more debugging tools are emerging. Arthropod is one of them.

Rubinius Progress - Interview with Brian Ford

by Werner Schuster on  Feb 04, 2009

The Ruby implementation Rubinius has attracted a lot of interest. After the project completed a major rewrite of its VM, we caught up with Brian Ford, Rubinius team member, to talk about the state of the project.

Forget Your Debugger, Use The "Saff Squeeze"

by Mike Bria on  Nov 26, 2008 7

Kent Beck, renowned co-father of XP, TDD, and JUnit itself, tells a story about tracking down a defect in a new JUnit feature, JUnitMax, with unit tests instead of a debugger. He explains a method shown to him by current JUnit lead developer, David Saff, where a high level unit test is recursively inlined until a super concise test is created down at the very root of the defect.

Alcon 3: The alternative Open Source ActionScript Debugging Tool

by Moxie Zhang on  Sep 10, 2008 1

Sascha Balkau has recently released Alcon 3, an alternative open source debugging tool for ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3. InfoQ spoke with Balkau to discuss how Alcon 3 fits in ActionScript-based rich Internet Application development.

Spying on Silverlight

by Robert Bazinet on  Sep 04, 2008 7

The success of Microsoft Silverlight, as seen in the recent Beijing Olympics, shows the capabilities of the technology and is attracting more developers. The addition of end-users and developers using Silverlight will also drive more tool development and one such useful tool is Silverlight Spy by First Floor.

JRuby Roundup: Java Integration and Debugging (JSR-45) Improvements

by Werner Schuster on  Aug 18, 2008

Some recent changes on the JRuby trunk improve Java Integration, which allows JRuby to interact with pure Java code faster and more conveniently. Also: Ruby code compiled with JRuby's (JIT) compiler can now make use of the JVMs debugging capabilities using JSR-45 (Debugging Support for Other Languages).