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  • Pinterest's Switch to Universal JavaScript and React

    The story of Pinterest's switch to React is really the story of re-architecting their Django server-side engine to use universal JavaScript for template rendering.

  • Django 1.10 Brings Full Text Search for PostgreSQL

    Version 1.10 of Django has been released, bringing full text search for PostgreSQL, official support for Unicode usernames and new-style middleware. The major release for Django Software Foundation's dynamic language includes using database functions in the module to ease the use of PostgreSQL’s full text search engine.

  • Django 1.7 Is the Biggest Django Release since 1.0

    It took the Django Software Foundation nearly one year, but finally Django 1.7 is here. This is the biggest Django release since Django 1.0, featuring "a new app loading framework, a new check framework, many improvements to query construction, and most importantly - Migrations", a new built-in database migration system.

  • Comparing the Performance of Various Web Frameworks

    TechEmpower has been running benchmarks for the last year, attempting to measure and compare the performance of web frameworks. For these benchmarks the term “framework” is used loosely including platforms and micro-frameworks.

  • Python and Django on Heroku

    Python has joined the growing ranks of officially-supported languages on Heroku's polyglot platform, going into public beta this week. Python was the most-requested language for Heroku, and it brings with the Django web framework.

  • Interview: Tim Bray on the Future of the Web

    In this interview made during QCon SF 2008, Tim Bray talks about why he is not convinced with the buzz surrounding Rich Internet Applications and shares his ideas on Cloud Computing. He also expresses his opinion regarding the debate REST vs. WS-* and the future directions web technologies will be taking.

  • Sun Gets Serious About Python

    Two announcements from Sun on their plans for supporting Python.

  • Microsoft shows Django running on IronPython

    Microsoft recently had the opportunity to show off some of the progress the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) team has made when they gave a demo of Django running on IronPython. The accomplishment was shown during PyCon 2008 in Chicago, March 14-16, 2008.

  • Has Django Reached a Tipping Point?

    Django, the Python web application framework, is fast approaching its' 1.0 release and Antonio Cangiano thinks it has reached a tipping point. Based on his set of "unscientific" metrics, he may well be right.

  • Python Web Framework on the JVM

    Recently there has been a lot of news about numerous languages making their way onto the JVM, providing endless possibilities. Python has been around for years and its JVM implementation, Jython, hopes to bring a Python web framework to the JVM. It could prove to be what Rails is to Ruby and Grails is to Groovy.

  • Java and Web Application Development: Is Too Much Abstract A Bad Thing?

    RedMonk analyst, Michael Coté, has written a lengthy opinion piece comparing Java web application development to development with frameworks such as Rails and Django. He suggests that Java applications often are developed having a "view" which is the web while other frameworks embrace the web more at their core.

  • Rails and Django Head to Head

    Thanks to a couple of web developers, we now have a fairly objective comparison of Ruby on Rails and Python's Django framework. Read InfoQ's summary of the report.

  • Six Ruby Presentations (with slides) from European Ruby Meeting Now Online

    The audio and slides of six presentations made at a recent Ruby on Rails meeting, hosted by Greenpeace in Amsterdam, have just been made available. Topics include integration with legacy Java apps, CMS development, and Unicode.