Code Access Security Is No Longer Used in .NET 4 Beta 2

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Jan 26, 2010 2

Starting with .NET Framework 1.0 Microsoft introduced Code Access Security (CAS), an instrument for assigning and controlling managed code's capabilities. .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 2 deprecates CAS, turning it off by default, and introduces Security Transparency Level 2.


SQL Server Express Shipping with Limited .NET 4.0 Support

by Jonathan Allen Follow 460 Followers on  Jan 23, 2010

A new build of Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2008 Express has enabled some support for .NET 4.0. But with a large list of limitations one has to wonder what’s the point.


Windows Workflow 4 – A New Product with an Old Name

by Jonathan Allen Follow 460 Followers on  Jan 21, 2010 3

Windows Workflow 4 is a major rewrite of the library. While it has the same goal, to provide a modeling language for long-running tasks, there are some significant differences coming out of what is essentially a complete rewrite.


Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Launch Date Postponed

by Jon Arild Tørresdal Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 18, 2010 5

In a very small announcement by Developer Division’s Marketing and Communications Manager Rob Caron, Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 is set to be officially launched April 12, 2010 and not March 22 as previously announced. However, the date for release to manufacturing (RTM) still remains unknown.


Silverlight 4 Brings Assembly Sharing with .NET

by Jonathan Allen Follow 460 Followers on  Dec 03, 2009 2

Assemblies built in Silverlight 2 and 3 are not binary compatible with the .NET Framework, so if you want to share code you need generally need to dual-compile. With Siverlight 4 and .NET 4, you will be able to use some Silverlight-based assemblies from within .NET 4.


.NET 4.0 Brings XAML 2009, but Not for WPF Users

by Jonathan Allen Follow 460 Followers on  Dec 02, 2009

At PDC 2009, Michael Shim and Rob Relyea presented Microsoft’s plans for the future of XAML. Long term, they plan on unifying the various XAML languages and parsers, but for now developers will only get XAML 2009 for non-UI technologies like Workflow Foundation. The new parser, on the other hand, will bring new functionality to everyone who needs to analyze, manipulate, or generate XAML.


Microsoft is Dropping Code Access Security in .NET 4.0

by Jonathan Allen Follow 460 Followers on  Nov 13, 2009 3

In .NET 4.0, Microsoft is replacing .NET’s Code Access Security (CAS) with a new security model inspired by Silverlight. This rather than complex link demands, code is categorized into three easy to understand levels with partially trusted code being unable to call fully trusted code except via carefully designed gateway functions.


What’s new in WPF 4.0?

by Jonathan Allen Follow 460 Followers on  Nov 04, 2009 7

WPF 4.0 will be adding new controls, Pixel Shader 3.0, and a completely rewritten text rendering pipeline. These and other features will find their way into Visual Studio 2010, expected early next year.


IronPython for .NET 4

by Jonathan Allen Follow 460 Followers on  Oct 08, 2009 3

Previews of IronPython for .NET 4 have been shipping along with VS 2010, but that does not mean the two are tied together. We break down the plans for delivering IronPython to .NET developers.


.NET 4 Beta 1 Now Supports Software Transactional Memory

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Jul 28, 2009 4

Microsoft has released a new version of .NET 4.0 Beta 1, one that incorporates STM.NET, the Software Transactional Memory. STM is an alternative mechanism to lock-based synchronization used to control the concurrent access to shared memory.


The .NET Reactive Framework (Rx) Enables LINQ over Events

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Jul 23, 2009 1

Erik Meijer and Wes Dyer have created the .NET Reactive Framework (Rx), the mathematical dual of LINQ to Objects, allowing programmers to use LINQ over events. Erik and Brian Beckman demonstrate that IObservable is a continuation monad.


Entity Framework CTP for VS 2010

by Jonathan Allen Follow 460 Followers on  Jun 24, 2009

Not everything planned for Visual Studio 2010 made it in beta 1. This includes some important features for ORM fans. Entity Framework CTP 1 includes support for Self Tracking Entities, POCO Templates, and support for EDMX-free coding.


Microsoft OracleClient Deprecated

by Al Tenhundfeld Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 22, 2009 4

Microsoft announced System.Data.OracleClient will be marked obsolete in .NET 4.0 and removed from future releases. OracleClient is the ADO.NET provider for Oracle developed by Microsoft and shipped as part of the .NET FCL. Its absence will be an impediment to future upgrades for the many small projects using this provider for Oracle data access.


Building Applications, the Workflow Way

by Boris Lublinsky Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 10, 2009 1

A new article by David Chappell describes how BPM engines are different from plain programs written in Java, C#, etc. and the ways Windows Workflow Foundation can be used to build workflow applications.


Interview: Eric Nelson on VS 2010 and .NET 4.0

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Jun 04, 2009 4

In this interview Eric Nelson talks about what’s coming in VS 2010, the C# – VB.NET convergence, the introduction of Parallel as a library, and Azure cloud computing.

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