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Live Coding in the Classroom with Sonic Pi

Posted by  on  Jul 24, 2015 1

Sam Aaron introduces Sonic Pi, a live coding system installed by default on all Raspberry Pis and used in a variety of venues from Algoraves to international music venues.


Data Science for Hire Ed

Posted by  on  Jan 16, 2014 1

Gloria Lau describes some of the products built for the higher education sector, the data standardization process, determining school similarity and identifying notable alumni.


Immersive Teaching and Research in Data Sciences via Cloud Computing

Posted by  on  Sep 05, 2013 1

Karim Chine discusses the meaning of cloud computing to academic teachers and researchers in data sciences and how to take advantage of it now when a new era for research and higher education begins.


API Conf Panel: Education APIs

Posted by  on  Jul 12, 2013

The panelists discuss their approaches in using APIs and open standards and data in the education sector.


Fixing the ICT Crisis at School

Posted by  on  Mar 29, 2013 1

Simon Peyton Jones discusses the need for a decent education system in IT and computer science, advocating for taking action now before it is too late.

Introducing Online Education to Hypermedia

Posted by  on  Jan 17, 2013

Guilherme Silveira discusses the difficulties faced by an online educational platform and corresponding solutions implemented at Caelum, their curriculum and how everything works.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with Cloud 4 Education

Posted by  on  Dec 29, 2012

Ruth Lennon discusses the challenges, the benefits and the lessons learned transitioning from a traditional education form to a BYOD in the cloud-based one.

Industry-oriented Cloud Architecture: Cloud Computing in Higher Education

Posted by  on  Dec 19, 2012

Sukrit Sondhi discusses using Industry-oriented Cloud Architecture in Higher Education sector.

Behind the Mirror

Posted by  on  Nov 08, 2012

Chris Granger discusses the need for enhancing the learning tools starting from his own experience watching through a mirror people trying to solve problems at Microsoft.

The Invisible Computer Lab

Posted by  on  May 20, 2011

Fraser Speirs presents how computers are used at Cedars School, makes some suggestions on what educational software needs in order to be efficient, and how he sees the future of ICT in education.

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