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  • How to Use Rust Procedural Macros to Replace Panic with syn’s Fold

    In this article, we show how you can write advanced macros to step through Rust code and modify it. Using the standard tooling available in the syn crate, we first show how to change the occurrence of a panic into an Err. Then we go a step beyond and use the Fold trait to recursively step through the entire function, automatically executing a change in every applicable location.

  • The Role of Digital Twins in Unlocking the Cloud's Potential

    This article explores the use of the DT concept as a new way to make cloud services more developer-friendly. This new model aligns the development, deployment, and now the runtime aspects of a microservice into a single, cohesive unit, bridging the gap between developers and the cloud and paving the way for a new era of cloud services.

  • Testing the Internet of Things: The Human Experience

    Mobile and embedded devices, more than any other technology, are an integral part of our lives and have the potential to become a part of us. This article discusses what “human experience” testing is and is not, and uses concepts from human computer interaction design theory to establish a framework for developing “human experience” test scenarios.

  • NoSQL in the Enterprise

    In this article, Sourav Mazumder explores what NoSQL databases are, how they fit into Enterprise IT, the challenges facing enterprise adoption, how to choose the appropriate NoSQL database for a given application, a short list of NoSQL databases which are likely to be good matches for enterprise applications, and advice for how to adopt NoSQL databases within an enterprise.