NASA Develops Space Launch System Flight Software

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 01, 2012 2

Developing launch vehicle flight software requires a big focus on embedded systems and quality attributes such as safety. To develop such mission-critical software systems, sophisticated test beds are necessary. According to a NASA press release from the 31st of May, the software test bed computers for the new Space Launch System (SLS) are now available.


The Impact of Software Testing on Embedded Systems

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 20, 2012 1

In its recent issue the Chip Design Magazine points out that the huge growth of portable and wireless systems combined with the increasing relevance of software in embedded systems poses a challenge. Quality issues need special attention, especially in safety-critical systems. This is why software test tools for software systems will become increasingly important.


Software Architecture for the eCar of the Future

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 16, 2012

In a recent news release the Siemens AG addressed how important new information and communications technology will be in future electric cars. A German government funded project investigates in appropriate software architecture for such cars.


A Native of Silverlight with Full Hardware Access

by Jonathan Allen Follow 499 Followers on  Mar 15, 2012 4

Silverlight for Embedded is not based on .NET; it is a native technology that is programmed with XAML and C++. But it isn’t Windows 8/WinRT either, as it has full access to the underlying hardware and Win32 APIs.


Acceleration Problems in Cars caused by Software

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 03, 2012

In a recent news report CNN has revealed a translated Toyota memo which links problems of the car manufacturer regarding an electronic acceleration concern to a software issue. When even news magazines pick up such stories, this shows the growing importance of software for embedded systems.


IRQA - A Requirements Definition and Management Solution for Systems Engineering Projects

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 27, 2012 5

Visure Solutions recently announced the availability of IRQA which denotes a solution for requirements definition and management (RDM). A sound process using professional tools is important for ensuring the quality of product and solution development with respect to the requirements specification.


SEI Releases Smart Grid Maturity Model Update

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 16, 2011

At the GridWeek 2011 Conference the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at the Carnegie-Mellon-University has released an update 1.2 of its Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM).


NASA using Android in Space

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 09, 2011

On September 1st, the Official Google Blog reported that two Android-based Nexus phones have been transported to the ISS in the last manned Space Shuttle mission ST-135. Researchers want to investigate how robots can help humans experiment and live in space more efficiently with Android playing an important role.


Microsoft and Toyota announce Cloud Infrastructure for Smart Cars

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 15, 2011 2

Microsoft and Toyota have announced a strategic partnership on future telematics for vehicles. Goal of the partnership is to create a common telematics platform with Microsoft contributing its Windows Azure Cloud Computing technology and TMC (Toyota Media Service Co.) deploying its telematics applications in the Azure-based cloud. The solution will address electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.


IBM introduces new Software Products for Smart Metering

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 11, 2011

In a recent press release, IBM has announced software products designed to bring a new level of intelligence to the world’s largest physical infrastructures. The products aim to advance smarter cities and industry transformation across water, energy, transportation and healthcare industries by monitoring and analyzing new streams of data.


Service Oriented 'Internet of Things And Services'

by Jeevak Kasarkod Follow 3 Followers on  Jan 24, 2011 2

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) are associated with business applications and integrations. A recent IEEE publication describes the architecture and processes to achieve relatively seamless integration between the burgeoning 'Internet of Things' with the 'Internet of Services'.


Java Crossing to the Physical World: Ready for Enterprise Developers Yet?

by Tim Cull Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 05, 2010 1

In the world of cheaper, open-source hardware like the Arduino, custom, one-off hardware is becoming more accessible to developers without an electrical engineering background. InfoQ interviews David Delabassee, a presenter at the recent JavaOne, about Java and Arduino to get an idea about the best ways to interface Java and the real world.


EffiProz: A Cross-Platform Embedded Database for .NET Programmers

by Jonathan Allen Follow 499 Followers on  Aug 23, 2010

EffiProz is an embedded database written entirely in C# that can has both a disk-based and a memory-only mode. This has allowed its developers to port it to most environments that have CLR including .NET Compact, Mono, Windows 7, and Silverlight. The next version will extend this to mobile platforms.


The Widespread Release of the Surface SDK Brings New Features

by Jonathan Allen Follow 499 Followers on  Dec 10, 2009

The Microsoft Surface SDK has been released to the general public. Along with lifting the restrictions on who can use it, there is a service pack bringing new functionality including contact visualizations “that provide users with instant and consistent visual feedback when they touch the Microsoft Surface screen.”


Why .NET Micro Really Went Open Source

by Jonathan Allen Follow 499 Followers on  Nov 19, 2009 6

A few months ago Microsoft announced their plans to release the .NET Micro Framework as an open source project. Since then there has been rumors that Microsoft is using open source as an excuse to abandon the project. The truth is the exact opposite, Microsoft is actually using open source to drive the adoption of .NET Micro.

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