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Architecting the Blockchain for Failure

Posted by Conor Svensson  on  Jun 21, 2018 Posted by Conor Svensson Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 21, 2018

Conor Svensson discusses some of the different approaches taken in the Ethereum blockchain for handling failure.

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Incident Management at Netflix Velocity

Posted by Dave Hahn  on  Apr 25, 2018 Posted by Dave Hahn Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 25, 2018

Dave Hahn talks about how Netflix engineering teams think about failure, why they believe chaos is their friend, failure is guaranteed, and why Netflix is better off having both.

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Not Actually a DevOps Talk, or, beyond “Survival is Not Mandatory”

Posted by Michael Coté  on  Mar 01, 2018 Posted by Michael Coté Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 01, 2018

Michael Coté discusses lessons learned from failures and successes from DevOps-practicing organizations, providing advice on how to get started with DevOps.

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Agile: The Bad Parts

Posted by Martina Hodges-Schell  on  Feb 23, 2018 Posted by Martina Hodges-Schell Follow 0 Followers , Joanna Beltowska Follow 0 Followers , Matt Parker Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 23, 2018

The presenters discuss why Agile failed in their case and the need for a new revolution in software processes and methodology.

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State of Chaos Engineering

Posted by Bruce Wong  on  Oct 23, 2017 Posted by Bruce Wong Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 23, 2017

Bruce Wong discusses the current state of Chaos Engineering, emerging patterns of success, and the future opportunity at hand.

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It Will Break

Posted by Leonid Movsesyan  on  Sep 06, 2017 Posted by Leonid Movsesyan Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 06, 2017

Leonid Movsesyan talks about the inevitability of a failure and the ways how engineers can design their systems to be able to tolerate them.

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Building and Trusting a Cloud Bank

Posted by Greg Hawkins  on  Apr 19, 2017 Posted by Greg Hawkins Follow 4 Followers  on  Apr 19, 2017

Greg Hawkins discusses how Starling Bank, part of the new movement in FinTech challenger banks, is innovating while addressing the need for resilience in a world where failure is everywhere.

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Freeing the Whale: How to Fail at Scale

Posted by Oliver Gould  on  Mar 25, 2017 Posted by Oliver Gould Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 25, 2017

Oliver Gould discusses Finagle, a library providing a uniform model for handling failure at the communications layer, enabling Twitter to fail, safely and often.

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Framing Our Potential for Failure

Posted by Michelle Brush  on  Mar 18, 2017 Posted by Michelle Brush Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 18, 2017

Michelle Brush discusses modeling complex systems and architectural changes that could introduce new modes of failure, using examples from embedded systems to large stream processing pipelines.

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Applying Failure Testing Research @Netflix

Posted by Kolton Andrus  on  Mar 07, 2017 Posted by Kolton Andrus Follow 1 Followers , Peter Alvaro Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 07, 2017

Kolton Andrus and Peter Alvaro present how a “big idea” -- lineage-driven fault injection -- evolved from a theoretical model into an automated failure testing service at Netflix.

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Architecting for Failure in a Containerized World

Posted by Tom Faulhaber  on  Feb 16, 2017 Posted by Tom Faulhaber Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 16, 2017

Tom Faulhaber discusses the new container-based toolbox for building systems that are robust in the face of failures, how to recover from failure and how the tools can be used to best effect.

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Stranger Things: The Forces that Disrupt Netflix

Posted by Haley Tucker  on  Dec 15, 2016 Posted by Haley Tucker Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 15, 2016

Haley Tucker discusses how other systems may affect Netflix' services, strategies to protect their systems and make sure they won't fail even if things go wrong.