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    Want to Know What’s in a GC Pause? Go Look at the GC Log!

    by Kirk Pepperdine Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 17, 2017

    Sometimes a superficial analysis of our application performance can incorrectly have the Garbage Collector point to itself. A proper GC log analysis can lead us past the “blame the collector” game. When this happens, we can make amazing discoveries that improve the performance and stability of our applications.

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    Invokedynamic - Java’s Secret Weapon

    by Ben Evans Follow 31 Followers on  Mar 22, 2016 3

    invokedynamic was the first new Java bytecode since Java 1.0 and was crucial in implementing the "headline" features of Java 8 (such as lambdas and default methods). In this article, we take a deep dive into invokedynamic and explain why it is such a powerful tool for the Java platform and for JVM languages such as JRuby and Nashorn.

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    Case for Defaulting to G1 Garbage Collector in Java 9

    by Monica Beckwith Follow 620 Followers on  Sep 29, 2015 6

    In this article, GC expert Monica Beckwith makes the case for JEP 248, the proposal to make G1 the default garbage collector in OpenJDK 9.

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Where Has the Java PermGen Gone?

Posted by Monica Beckwith Follow 620 Followers on  Jul 07, 2014

Prior to JDK8 class metadata and constants would live in an area called the “permanent generation”. In JDK8 PermGen has now moved to native memory, to an area known as the “Metaspace”. 4


Book Review and Interview: Real World OCaml

Posted by Werner Schuster Follow 9 Followers on  Jan 08, 2014

The new book Real World OCaml provides a deep dive into the OCaml programming language. InfoQ caught up with the authors to hear about real world Ocaml users, its unique features, and much more.


Visualizing Java Garbage Collection

Posted by Ben Evans Follow 31 Followers on  Dec 25, 2013

Garbage Collection takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. In this article Master trainer/consultant Ben Evans summarizes his recent InfoQ presentation "Visualizing Garbage Collection"

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Tips for Tuning the Garbage First Garbage Collector

Posted by Monica Beckwith Follow 620 Followers on  Sep 17, 2013

In July Monica Beckwith explored the theory of the new G1 GC Garbage First Garbage Collector.In this second installment, Monica delves into more practical aspects and provides guidance for tuning. 12

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G1: One Garbage Collector To Rule Them All

Posted by Monica Beckwith Follow 620 Followers on  Jul 15, 2013

Many articles describe how a poorly tuned garbage collector can bring an application's SLA to its knees. The G1 collector replaces the conventional algorithms with a concept of “regions” 4


Java Garbage Collection Distilled

Posted by Martin Thompson Follow 28 Followers on  Jun 17, 2013

Do the hundreds of JVM start-up flags baffle you when trying to tune the garbage collector? This article will explain the tradeoffs when choosing and tuning garbage collection algorithms 4


The Azul Garbage Collector

Posted by Charles Humble Follow 931 Followers on  Feb 24, 2011

InfoQ examines how Azul's collector works, and explores some techniques you can use to test the impact of garbage collection in your applications.

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