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  • Google's Go Gets Faster

    Go 1.3 has been released after almost 3 months of beta. The new version has no language changes over 1.2, but comes with several performance improvements, support for running command-line programs under Native-Client and several other enhancements.

  • Go Fourth and Grow

    Go has celebrated its fourth open-source anniversary, and InfoQ looks back at where it came from and where it is going.

  • Go 1.1 Races Ahead (Safely)

    Google's Go team has completed the release of Go 1.1.1 which brings to production status several new features in the language's libraries and toolset. Given the language's backward's compatibility, existing code can reap immediate benefits after a recompile.

  • Google's Go Readies 1.1 Release

    Version 1.1 of Google's Go is in beta, and brings significant reported performance increases, new toolset & language features. It maintains backwards compatibility with Go 1.0 and in most cases a recompile is the only thing needed to take advantage of this release.

  • Go 1–The First Major Release of the Google Go Language

    Go has reached the first major release, Google promising it will be stable for the years to come. YouTube uses Go in their core infrastructure.

  • Google Adjusts GAE Pricing Terms Based on User Reaction

    Google has reacted to recent developments regarding the increase in GAE prices which took developers by surprise, making a number of adjustments to the pricing plan, the most important being: the new billing is delayed until November 1st and the number of free Instance-Hours is raised from 24/day to 28/day.

  • Google App Engine Price Rises Shock Developers

    Google has announced that its cloud computing service, App Engine, will officially lose its "preview" tag in the second half of September. At the same the company is raising prices, presumably in an effort to turn the product into another profit centre for the company.

  • Google App Engine Gets Support for Go

    Google added GAE support for Go with SDK 1.5.2. Developers can write and test Go applications locally on Linux and Mac OS X and run them on GAE.

  • Google App Engine 1.5.0 Released

    Google have announced that their Google App Engine will come out of preview status later this year, with a restructured fee policy for those who want to use it for larger deployments. In addition, the 1.5.0 release includes preview support for Go, the systems language created by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson.