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  • Google Releases a Guide to Android App Modularization

    Google has recently released a guide to Android app modularization. This guide is designed to bring best practices and recommended patterns for developers to build multi-module Android apps, focusing on mitigating problems that arise when the codebase grows, such as scalability, readability, stability and testability.

  • Google to Provide Integration between Cloud Logs and Cloud Monitoring Services

    Google recently announced they are adding features to its cloud platform that will enable integration between its cloud-based log service and its cloud monitoring service. The intent of providing these capabilities is to allow customers to efficiently move between the Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring services when discovering the health of their own services.

  • Google's BigQuery Gaining Momentum

    BigQuery, a SaaS query offering by Google, seems to gain more and more momentum. It allows to query large-scale columnar data structures using a SQL-like query language, in the cloud and provides integration with other Google services such as Google Analytics and Google Apps Script.

  • Google Play Services to Beat Android Fragmentation

    Fragmentation is said to be one of central handicaps when developing applications for Android. Google seems to have found a way to ease the pain for developers, at least when it comes to fragmentation of installed Android versions.

  • Google Drops Free Apps Offering, Paying Customers can Downgrade to Free till January 9th

    On December 6th, 2012 Google stopped to accept new registrations for free Google Apps domains, that could be used for up to 10 users. Existing free Google Apps users can continue to use the service without any change. Google Apps for Business domains can downgrade to the free version till January 9th if they have no more than 10 users and fit into the reduced features set.

  • Google’s Service Changes Spell Trouble for Windows 8

    Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 rely on a technology known as Exchange ActiveSync. This technology is the communication protocol that allows applications in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to synchronize email, calendar, and contact information from Google accounts. As of January 30th, that service will no longer be available new users.

  • WSO2 Launches StratosLive PaaS and the Stratos 1.5 Platform

    WSO2 announced last week the launch of Stratos 1.5, a Cloud Middleware Platform, and the StratosLive PaaS. Together, they enable the development and deployment of SOA and composite applications in the Cloud. StratosLive PaaS is a new hosted service powered by WSO2 Stratos and includes an application server, an ESB, and identity server, a governance registry, a business process engine...

  • Is There a Future for Native (Mobile) Applications?

    Google's DeWitt Clinton shared his analysis to the ongoing debate about why people like native mobile applications.

  • Eclipse Labs Project Hosting Announced

    The Eclipse Foundation and Google yesterday announced the creation of Eclipse Labs, a code-hosting site for open-source projects that want to play in the Eclipse ecosystem but aren't hosted on the Eclipse Foundation hardware.

  • Google Apps Has a Marketplace and Instant Failover

    The Google Apps Marketplace allows providers to create applications that integrate with Google Apps. The idea is to allow companies to integrate their own applications with Google’s applications serving some 2 million organizations totaling over 25 million individuals. Google also promises zero data loss and instant failover for Google Apps customers.