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  • Gremlin Aims to Reduce Kubernetes Noisy Neighbours through Chaos Engineering

    Gremlin has released enhancements to its Chaos Engineering platform aimed at DevOps engineers interested in future-proofing Kubernetes clusters by isolating "noisy neighbours". On Kubernetes, the noisy neighbour issue occurs when multiple applications sharing a Kubernetes cluster compete for resources leading to degraded performance.

  • AWS Announces Chaos Engineering as a Service Offering

    AWS has announced the upcoming release of their chaos engineering as a service offering. The Fault Injection Service (FIS) will provide fully-managed chaos experiments across a number of AWS services. The service includes pre-built templates that generate disruptions mimicking common real-world events. It can be integrated into CI pipelines via API.

  • Gremlin Announces General Availability of Status Checks

    Gremlin recently announced the general availability of Status Checks. This new feature automatically validates systems that are healthy and ready for running chaos experiments in production.

  • Gremlin Introduces Scenarios, Enabling Real-World Chaos Experiments

    The Gremlin team announced the addition of Scenarios that allow for simulation of real-world outages. Scenarios allow for planning and tracking complex chaos experiments that more closely mimic a real-world outages. The release includes prepared Scenarios that can be run out of the box or used as a starting template to build custom incidents.

  • Cayley: A Graph Engine Inspired by Google’s Knowledge Graph

    Barak Michener, a Software Engineer working for the Google Knowledge Team, has open sourced a personal project called Cayley, a graph database inspired by Freebase and the Google Knowledge Graph, the later powering Google’s search engine. Freebase is a collection of free structured data, currently at ~2.7B facts and counting, and an API for querying this data.

  • Neo4j: Java-based NoSQL Graph Database

    After several years of development, the developers from NeoTechnology have released version 1.0 of Neo4j, a Java-based graph database which follows the property graph datamodel. InfoQ spoke with NeoTechnology COO Peter Neubauer to learn more about the current Neo4j release and what it offers to developers.