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  • Making Machine Learning Adoptable for Clinicians

    Dr. Alexander Scarlat explains the core tenants of machine learning in his 12-part series "Machine Learning Primer for Clinicians." Scarlat covers defining aspects of machine learning, followed by examples that communicate aspects of measuring the performance of machine learning models. The series uses animated charts in place of the math to help readers understand the machine learning concepts.

  • Data Lakes and Modern Data Architecture in Clinical Research and Healthcare

    Dr. Prakriteswar Santikary, chief data officer at ERT, spoke at Data Architecture Summit 2018 Conference last month about data lake architecture his team developed at their clinical research organization. He discussed the data platform deployed in the cloud to streamline data collection, aggregation and clinical reporting and analytics, using concepts like serverless computing and data services.

  • Apple Released ResearchKit 2.0 Beta

    At WWDC 2018 Apple announced ResearchKit 2.0. This release includes performance and UI improvements, support for documentation, community GitHub updates, and several active tasks.

  • Deep Mind Discloses Details to InfoQ about NHS Partnership amid Reports of Vast Patient Data Access

    After months of awaiting details about the NHS and Google DeepMind partnership InfoQ gains insights into recent claims of widespread patient data access.

  • CareKit is Apple’s New Open-source Health-oriented Mobile App Framework

    Following on from the announcement at the March 2016 “Let us loop you in”, Apple has open sourced its new CareKit framework, aimed to make it easier for developers to create apps that help people manage their medical conditions. Along with the new framework, Apple has also made available four iOS apps that use it.

  • Structure 2015 - State of the Cloud and Container Ecosystems

    Rising from the ashes of GigaOm the tribal gathering of cloud elders that is Structure has returned, and got off to a strong start with Battery Ventures' Adrian Cockcroft presenting on the State of the Cloud and Container Ecosystems. Cockcroft paid particular attention to the impact of containers, which wasn’t even a major discussion topic at the last Structure conference in 2013.

  • Meeting Regulatory Demands with Agile Software Development

    InfoQ interviewed Jan van Moll about regulatory demands for software in healthcare, satisfying these demands with waterfall project or with a mix of waterfall and agile, and introducing agile in an R&D organization that needs to fulfill regulatory demands.

  • Apple's ResearchKit Available on GitHub

    As announced last month, Apple has published ResearchKit, its open source framework aimed at enabling the use of mobile devices as a network of sensors for medical research.

  • Apple Open-sources Mobile Framework to Support Medical Research

    At its Spring Forward keynote, Apple announced a new iOS ResearchKit framework aimed at enabling the use of mobile devices as a network of sensors for medical research. The framework will be open-sourced to developers next month.

  • Udi Dahan on Defining Service Boundaries

    Udi Dahan, a SOA consultant, held the presentation Finding Service Boundaries – Illustrated in Healthcare at NDC London 2014, providing advice on establishing the service boundaries in a SOA or microservice architecture.

  • Measuring Outcomes with the Mobius Framework

    In stead of feature farming, we need to deliver better outcomes and focus on the business results that we need to deliver. Measurements should provide insight into the outcomes because that is what is important. The Mobius loop can be used to define appropriate measurements.

  • OpenSim 2.4 - Open Source Software for Modeling & Simulating Movement

    OpenSim represents a freely available open source software system for modeling and simulation of movement. The system is provided by NCSSR (National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research) which denotes a research department within Stanford University, California. The spectrum of possible application domains such as rehabilitation medicine, robotics, or games makes OpenSim interesting.

  • Article: SOA in Healthcare

    In a new article, based on a chapter from the book "Service Oriented Architecture Demystified", Girish Juneja, Blake Dournaee, Joe Natoli & Steve Birkel discussthe benefits of applying SOA to heterogenous environments in the healthcare domain. Focusing on a domain instead of technology perspective first provides an interesting view on the business motivation for SOA.

  • Healthcare Startup Takes Rails Mainstream

    Guest-writer Brian Ketelsen speaks to Aaron Batalion of, a Ruby on Rails-powered startup that is making waves in the healthcare industry and it turns out they are also making waves in the Rails world. Find out why in this InfoQ exclusive interview.

  • Article: Brasilian National Healthcare System

    This casestudy takes a detailed look at the implementation and architecture behind the Brasilian National Healthcare System, a 2M line of code, truly mission critical Java application. Lessons learned, best practices, and details down to the interaction diagram are covered.