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  • Understanding Blockchain Basics and Use Cases

    We discuss the two main types of blockchain solution, and some of the major variants deployed today. Use cases for the different solutions are also explored.

  • Book Review: Solidity Programming Essentials

    Ethereum is an emerging technology that promises the ability to disintermediate many traditional approaches to business through decentralized ledger technology, built upon open-source software. In this article, we will review a recent book based upon Solidity, a programming language used to construct smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Evaluating Hyperledger Composer

    Hyperledger Composer is a new open source project which makes it easy for developers to write chaincode for Hyperledger Fabric and the decentralized applications (DApps) that can call them. This article summarizes a technical evaluation of the performance characteristics of using Composer in a test application.


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