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    The Problem with AI

    by Seth Earley Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 13, 2017

    AI depends on "data janitorial" work, as opposed to science work, and there is a gulf between prototype and sandbox, and innovation and production.

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    Model-Based Software Engineering to Tame the IoT Jungle

    by Franck Fleurey Follow 0 Followers , Nicolas Harrand Follow 1 Followers , Brice Morin Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 05, 2017

    The ThingML approach, which was inspired by UML, addresses the challenges of distribution and heterogeneity in the Internet of Things. This model-driven, generative approach has been continuously evolved and applied to cases in different domains, including a commercial e-health solution

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    Key Abstractions for IoT-Oriented Software Engineering

    by Franco Zambonelli Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 02, 2017

    This article provides an overview of the key general characteristics of complex IoT systems and applications. Based on them, the author identifies the software abstractions that could provide the basis for IoT-oriented software engineering, including stakeholders and users, requirements, avatars, and coalitions.

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Operational - the Forgotten Architectural View

Posted by Eoin Woods Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 15, 2017

The emerging DevOps movement emphasizes development and operations staff working together as early as possible-sharing tools, processes, and practices that smooth the production path.

Architecture & Design Follow 2419 Followers

Might the Blockchain Outlive Bitcoin?

Posted by George Hurlburt Follow 1 Followers on  Jan 26, 2017

Crypto-currency remains controversial, and Bitcoin is at the center of this controversy. Here is an update on the state of Bitcoin in particular, and examines the future of crypto-currency in general. 1

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Inner Source—Adopting Open Source Development Practices in Organizations

Posted by Brian Fitzgerald Follow 0 Followers , Klaas-Jan Stol Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 02, 2016

When adopting inner source, organizations should consider nine factors pertaining to product, process, and organization. 2

Architecture & Design Follow 2419 Followers

Context is King: What's your Software's Operating Range?

Posted by Francisco Torres Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 04, 2015

Francisco Torres shares from experience why it is important to define a software’s operating range: the set of quality properties in which a software system can successfully run.

Culture & Methods Follow 800 Followers

Toward Agile Architecture: Insights from 15 Years of ATAM Data

Posted by Rick Kazman Follow 0 Followers , Stephany Bellomo Follow 0 Followers , Ian Gorton Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 17, 2015

The authors have concluded after analyzing 15 years of ATAM data that modifiability, performance, availability, interoperability, and deployability are key quality attributes for Agile practitioners.


Packet Inspection for Unauthorized OS Detection in Enterprises

Posted by Rohit Tyagi Follow 0 Followers , B.S. Manoj Follow 0 Followers , B. Thanudas Follow 0 Followers , Tuhin Paul Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 10, 2015

The authors discuss an approach that uses TCP SYN packets for OS fingerprinting to detect the presence of unauthorized OSs in an enterprise. 3

Architecture & Design Follow 2419 Followers

Projecting a Modular Future

Posted by Bernd Kolb Follow 0 Followers , Markus Voelter Follow 0 Followers , Jos Warmer Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 27, 2015

Authors discuss modularity and projectional editing concepts used to design programming languages, using a Language Workbench (LWB) tool like MPS from Jetbrains.

Big Data Follow 149 Followers

Garage Door Openers: An Internet of Things Case Study

Posted by Jonathan Margulies Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 13, 2015

Author discusses how to design an Internet-connected garage door opener ("IoT opener") to be secure and the security infrastructure for IoT devices, like authentication & access policy enforcement. 1


An Overview of ANONIZE: A Large-Scale Anonymous Survey System

Posted by Steven Myers Follow 0 Followers , Abhi Shelat Follow 0 Followers , Rafael Pass Follow 0 Followers , Susan Hohenberger Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 26, 2015

In this article, authors discuss ad hoc anonymous & secure survey system called Anonize that can be used in applications like university course evaluations, online product reviews, and whistleblowing.

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