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    The Serverless Sea Change

    by Joe Emison Follow 2 Followers on  Nov 23, 2018

    This article defines and explains how serverless is different from other application architectures and then walks through a "proof" of sorts to show that serverless application architectures, when done properly, are superior to non-serverless architectures. Finally, it concludes with a number of rules of thumb to help architects and developers realize the benefits of serverless.

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    Getting Started with Vue.js

    by Gilad David Maayan Follow 1 Followers on  Oct 31, 2018

    Learn how to use Vue CLI to build a Vue.js 2 application for searching and displaying Giphy images, and then manipulating/transforming them by using the Cloudinary API. Also, you'll learn how to deploy this application to AWS.

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    Testing Programmable Infrastructure - a Year On

    by Matt Long Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 20, 2018

    Programmable infrastructure is becoming widespread. There are very specific domain issues that make testing it tricky. This article looks at the evolution of tooling and approaches used to address it.

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AWS VPC Subnets – in Layperson’s Terms

Posted by Prasad Vara Follow 1 Followers on  May 28, 2018

In this article, we are going to look at the different types of VPC setups available in AWS. We will also walk through the core terminology for VPC and explain the primary components. 1


Understanding Cloud Native Infrastructure: Interview with Justin Garrison and Kris Nova

Posted by Richard Seroter Follow 8 Followers on  Oct 08, 2017

"Cloud Native Infrastructure "from O’Reilly Media is a collection of guidance about building and managing modern infrastructure. InfoQ reached out to the authors to learn more about their ideas.

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Taking an Application-Oriented Approach to Cloud Adoption

Posted by Amit Kumar Follow 0 Followers on  May 09, 2017

Taking an infrastructure-centric approach to cloud adoption can lead to unrealized benefits. Architect Amit Kumar outlines eleven principles to consider when adopting cloud services. 3

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Examining the Internals of a Serverless Platform: Moving towards a ‘Zero-Friction’ PaaS

Posted by Ramakrishna Nemani Follow 0 Followers , Sangram Ganguly Follow 0 Followers , Andrew Michaelis Follow 0 Followers , Diptanu Gon Choudhury Follow 1 Followers on  Apr 07, 2017

This article explores how serverless platforms are built, operated and leveraged for rapid application delivery. A conclusion of this work is that the space is ripe for innovation.

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Blockchain – The Next Big Thing for Middleware

Posted by Kai Wähner Follow 1 Followers on  Dec 12, 2016

Blockchain, most well known as the technology behind Bitcoin, has uses far beyond cryptocurrencies. It will soon become a key component for distributed infrastructure and middleware applications. 1

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Virtual Panel: The Current State of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Posted by Kent Weare Follow 11 Followers on  Jul 04, 2016

This Virtual Panel focuses on some of the current trends in iPaaS. InfoQ has reached out to thought leaders from MuleSoft, SnapLogic and Microsoft to participate in this dialogue.

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Article Series: Cloud and "Lock-in"

Posted by Richard Seroter Follow 8 Followers on  Jul 01, 2016

With the fast-pace of cloud changes, cloud lock-in remains a popular refrain. But what does it mean, and how can you ensure you're maximizing your cloud investment while keeping portability in mind?

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Virtual Panel on (Cloud) Lock-In

Posted by Richard Seroter Follow 8 Followers on  Jun 17, 2016

There's no shortage of opinions on the topic of technology lock-in. InfoQ reached out to four software industry leaders to participate in a lively virtual panel on this topic.

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Everything Is “Lock-In”: Focus on Switching Costs

Posted by Richard Seroter Follow 8 Followers on  Jun 08, 2016

It makes no difference how hard you try- some form of lock-in is unavoidable. What matters most is understanding the layers of lock-in, and how to assess and reduce your switching costs.