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    Article Series: iOS 9 for Developers

    by Sergio De Simone Follow 21 Followers on  Sep 26, 2015

    This series aims to introduce all that is essential for developers to know about building apps for the latest release of Apple’s mobile OS. It comprises six articles that cover what’s new in iOS 9 SDK, new features in Swift, Objective-C, and developer tools, and Apple’s new bitcode.

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    Safari Content Blockers Under the Hood

    by Alex Blewitt Follow 4 Followers on  Sep 23, 2015

    With iOS 9, Apple introduced a content blocker mechanism into Safari, which will also be part of OSX El Capitan. InfoQ goes under the hood to find out how they work, and how Apple's privacy goals has resulted in certain choices in the way that the content blocker is implemented, and some ways in which a Swift content blocker can be written.

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    Debunking the Misconceptions around IPv6

    by Jim MacLeod Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 08, 2013 2

    In this article, Jim MacLeod of WildPackets addresses some of the misconceptions regarding IPv6 making the necessary transition process from the old and exhausted IPv4 slow and timid.


Book Excerpt and Interview: Deploying HTML5

Posted by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  May 06, 2010

Deploying HTML5 is a book written by Aditya Yadav, explaining the HTML5 standard components, showing how they are implemented across major browsers and providing code samples for using them. 1


How HTML5 Web Sockets Interact With Proxy Servers

Posted by Peter Lubbers Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 16, 2010

Peter Lubbers explains in this article how HTML5 Web Sockets interact with proxy servers, and what proxy configuration or updates are needed for the Web Sockets traffic to go through. 11