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  • Go Language at 13 Years: Ecosystem, Evolution, and Future in Conversation with Steve Francia

    Go was started more than a decade ago in the Engineering department at Google. It was designed with the purpose of providing an easy-to-learn programming language that would allow to develop Google's systems at the next level. In the past decade, the language became more and more stable, currently being used for implementing some of the most popular tools on the web (Kubernetes, Terraform etc.).

  • How to Get Hired as a Machine Learning Engineer

    To become a machine learning engineer, you have to interview. You have to gain relevant skills from books, courses, conferences, and projects. Include technologies, frameworks, and projects on your CV. In an interview, expect that you will be asked technical questions, insight questions, and programming questions. When given a technical task, demonstrate your skills as if you already had the job.

  • Q&A on the Book Reinventing Jobs

    The book Reinventing Jobs by Ravin Jesuthasan and John W. Boudreau provides a framework to understand and optimize the increasingly rapid evolution of work and automation. The framework explores four steps: deconstruct, optimize, automate, and reconfigure; it can be used to bundle work into jobs and create optimal human-machine combinations.

  • Tech Employee Job Satisfaction: What Can Data Tell Us?

    Overall job satisfaction levels at some of the world’s biggest tech companies have been charted by Payscale against various employee metrics, including early career pay rate, average workforce age and total years of industry experience. The results make for interesting reading – but do they say more about the tech industry itself, or the millennials flocking to work in it?

  • When the Jobs Go Marching in

    Alex discusses the rising demand for IT workers in the next decades and the implications of the different approaches employed by people to fulfill this demand. It introduces the distinction between “professionals” and “practitioners”, discusses the possible different outcomes from each group as they are embedded within businesses, and provides some recommendations.

  • Q&A with Sandro Mancuso about The Software Craftsman

    In the book The Software Craftsman, Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride Sandro Mancuso explores how craftmanship plays a role in agile software development. The book contains stories, examples and practical advice for software developers and other professionals involved in software projects to achieve technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • JavaScript is Cool…and the Market is Hot

    JavaScript developers are in demand and now is the time to ride the wave. What are recruiters looking for and how can developers upgrade their skills to meet the needs of companies? Authors Areos Ledesma and Will Asrari discuss the JavaScript job market and how developers can prosper.

  • Finding an Agile Employer

    The rocky job market of the last couple years has left many people looking for work. Agile software development is appealing to many job seekers, but not all jobs are alike. If you want a job in Agile software development, using a framework like Scrum, you need a plan of action that spans all three phases of your job search: reseach/preparation, interviewing, and assessing your opportunities.