Json.NET Updates: Merge, Dependency Injection, F# and JSONPath Support

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Aug 11, 2014

Json.NET 6.0 received 4 releases this year, the latest last week. Over these releases, several new features have been added, including several F# specific features, support for JSONPath querying, ability to integrate with Dependency Injection frameworks, ability to Merge JSON objects and more.

Serializing Immutable Collections in .NET

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 11, 2013

Serialization and immutable collections do mix in .NET, but only if you look to third party libraries like JSON.NET and protobuf-net.

Architectural Changes in JSON.NET 5

by Jonathan Allen on  May 09, 2013 1

Newtonsoft’s JSON.NET has received a pair of architectural updates to make it easier to use in projects that involve third party libraries. The two features are known as DefaultSettings and Extension Data.

Interview: James Newton-King on Json.NET 4.5

by Jeff Martin on  Apr 09, 2012

The Json.NET project just released version 4.5 of their JSON framework for .NET which includes many new features and a dramatic speed enhancement. InfoQ recently spoke with Json.NET creator James Newton-King about the new release and the project as a whole.

Json.NET Claims Significant Performance Improvements over Other .NET Serializers

by Jonathan Allen on  Jan 06, 2010 1

Json.NET is claiming to offer better serialization and deserialization performance than any of the major serializers in .NET including BinaryFormatter. It even performs well against the remarkably fast DataContractSerizalier.