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Microsoft Announces Azure Kubernetes Service Updates

by Eldert Grootenboer Follow 4 Followers on  Dec 11, 2018

Microsoft has announced multiple updates to Azure Kubernetes Service, their managed Kubernetes offering. The announcements include features around AKS virtual nodes, GPU support for Azure Container Instances, and the donation of the Virtual Kubelet project to the Cloud Native Compute Foundation.

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HashiCorp Vault 1.0 Open Sources Auto-Unseal, Adds Batch Tokens

by Christian Melendez Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 11, 2018

HashiCorp has released version 1.0 of Vault, their secrets management tool that open-sources the auto-unseal feature needed to continue using Vault server after a failure or a restart. In this version, a new type of token called batch is now available for ephemeral workloads. Another new feature is that service account tokens are now supported in Kubernetes auth to inject tokens into a pod.

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HashiCorp Improves Consul Service Mesh Integration with Kubernetes

by Matt Campbell Follow 2 Followers on  Nov 30, 2018

Hashicorp has released new features to better integrate Consul with Kubernetes. These features include support for installing Consul on Kubernetes using an official Helm Chart, autosycing of Kubernetes services with Consul, auto-join for external Consul agents to join a Kubernetes cluster, support for Envoy, and injectors so Pods can be secured with Connect.

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Google Introduces AI Hub and Kubeflow Pipelines for Easier ML Deployment

by Steef-Jan Wiggers Follow 10 Followers on  Nov 27, 2018

Google is launching two new tools, one proprietary and one open source: AI Hub and Kubeflow pipelines. Both are designed to assist data scientists design, launch and keep track of their machine learning algorithms.

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Atomist Software Delivery Machine 1.0 Launched

by Helen Beal Follow 6 Followers on  Nov 25, 2018

Atomist, a software delivery automation company, has announced their Software Delivery Machine (SDM) 1.0. Atomist SDM is a cloud-native software delivery platform with additional capabilities, specifically for Kubernetes and Spring.

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Kubernetes 1.12 Brings Volume Snapshots, TLS Improvements, and More

by Diogo Carleto Follow 46 Followers on  Oct 05, 2018

The Cloud Native Community Foundation has announced Kubernetes 1.12. This version brings Snapshot and restore volumes, improvements on TLS, Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA), topology-aware dynamic provisioning, Advanced Auditing, topology support for Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin, and more.

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Hyperledger Releases New Version of Burrow Featuring Improved Integration and Developer Experience

by Kent Weare Follow 11 Followers on  Sep 21, 2018

In a recent blog post, the Hyperledger open source project announced the next version of Burrow v.0.21.0. Within this release, organizations can expect improved integration, key-signing, helm charts for Kubernetes and developer experience.

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eBay Replatforming to Kubernetes, Envoy and Kafka: Intending to Open Source Hardware and Software

by Daniel Bryant Follow 827 Followers on  Sep 16, 2018

eBay has discussed how they are conducting a replatforming initiative across their entire technology stack, including building and releasing as open source both the hardware and software. Open source is fueling the software transformation of eBay’s infrastructure with cloud native technologies like Kubernetes, Envoy, MongoDB, Docker and Apache Kafka.

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Jenkins to Focus Efforts on Stability, Ease of Use and Cloud Native Compatibility

by Hrishikesh Barua Follow 18 Followers on  Sep 09, 2018

The Jenkins project team has decided to split its efforts between focusing on stability issues and on better support for running on platforms like Kubernetes. The former, which will potentially have backward-incompatible changes, will impact the release model and provide a more pre-configured installation, whereas the latter will work on similar lines as the existing Jenkins X project.

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"GitOps": Weaveworks Explain Their Model for Using Developer Tooling to Implement CI/CD

by Daniel Bryant Follow 827 Followers on  Sep 06, 2018

Over the past year, the Weaveworks team has increasingly refined the ideas around the practice of “GitOps”, their name for how they use developer tooling to drive operations and to implement continuous delivery.

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Q&A with IBM's Lin Sun on Istio 1.0 and Microservices

by Rags Srinivas Follow 11 Followers on  Aug 28, 2018

InfoQ caught up with Lin Sun, a senior technical member at IBM and also a participant in the open source Istio project release team, regarding Istio in general and the 1.0 release in particular.

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Docker Desktop Adds Kubernetes Support

by Matt Campbell Follow 2 Followers on  Aug 20, 2018

Docker has released Kubernetes support in their stable channel for Docker Desktop on Windows and on Mac. Kubernetes is also supported by Docker Enterprise, allowing you to deploy the same images in both systems. This includes Docker Compose support, allowing you to use compose files to deploy to the Kubernetes cluster as an alternative to kubeconfig files.

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"Docker Application Guides" Demonstrate How to Deploy Enterprise Apps to Swarm and Kubernetes

by Diogo Carleto Follow 46 Followers on  Aug 01, 2018

Docker recently announced Docker Application Guides, which demonstrates how to deploy applications on Docker Enterprise Edition and Docker Desktop, providing architectures and guidance examples for selecting container images and deploying prototype applications, orchestrated by Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

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Instana Releases Sample Microservice Application

by Helen Beal Follow 6 Followers on  Jul 26, 2018

Instana, provider of AI powered monitoring solutions for dynamic containerised microservice applications, announced at QCon New York the release of Stan’s Robot Shop, a sample microservice application that can be used as a sandbox to test and learn about microservice architecture, containerised application orchestration and automatic monitoring techniques.

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Google Releases Knative: A Kubernetes Framework to Build, Deploy, and Manage Serverless Workloads

by Daniel Bryant Follow 827 Followers on  Jul 25, 2018

At Google Cloud Next 2018 the release of Knative was announced as a “Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads”. The open source framework attempts to codify the best practices around building, serving requests, and eventing. Knative has been developed by Google in close partnership with Pivotal, IBM, Red Hat, and SAP.