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    Refactoring to Eclipse Collections: Making Your Java Streams Leaner, Meaner, and Cleaner

    by Kristen O'Leary Follow 4 Followers , Vladimir Zakharov Follow 1 Followers on  Jun 15, 2018 2

    Eclipse Collections is a high performance collections framework for Java, adding rich functionality to the native JDK Collections. In this article, key framework contributors demonstrate techniques for refactoring standard Java code to Eclipse Collections data structures and APIs, and also demonstrate some of the memory savings you can achieve.

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    Interview and Book Review: Java in a Nutshell, 6th Edition

    by Matt Raible Follow 15 Followers on  Jun 06, 2015 1

    Java in a Nutshell, 6th Edition by Benjamin J. Evans and David Flanagan is an update to the tried-and-true Java in a Nutshell series. This edition covers Java 8 for the experienced Java Developer, but it is also designed as a learning path for new developers.

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    Java 8 for Financial Services

    by John T Davies Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 06, 2014 5

    Java 8 lambdas and the new Streams API simplify common idiomatic constructs. In this article we investigate some common use cases in financial services and how they are easily solved with lambdas and Java 8's new Stream API.