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  • How We Improved Application’s Resiliency by Uncovering Our Hidden Issues Using Chaos Testing

    This article lists the chaos testing principles which are outlined by Netflix. The readers should be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages that chaos testing offers. This will help them to decide whether they want to perform it or not. The article also explains why we should convince the management to perform chaos tests, considering all benefits over the risks.

  • Gatling vs JMeter - What to Use for Performance Testing

    A performance tool with a graphical interface will probably be easier to use at the beginning, but the idea of a performance test as code is the future. Tests are readable and much easier to maintain. Many people are skeptical about Gatling because it requires learning a new programming language - Scala. However, Java is supported with the release of Gatling 3.7.

  • Software Testing in the World of Next-Gen Technologies

    The introduction of next-gen technologies like AI, Big Data, Robotics and IoT have quickly redefined the way the world looks at software technology. Some of the biggest impacts of these changing trends can be seen in the software testing industry. This article discusses how these emerging technologies need some new approaches, and changes to existing approaches to software testing.

  • Load Testing APIs and Websites with Gatling: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

    Conducting load tests against APIs and websites can both validate performance after a long stretch of development and get useful feedback from an app in order to increase its scaling capabilities and performance. Engineers should avoid creating “the cathedral” of load testing and end up with little time to improve performance overall. Write the simplest possible test and iterate from there.

  • Lessons Learned in Performance Testing

    Performance testing is a hard discipline to get right and many things can go wrong. The key is to pay attention to the details, understand the behavior, and avoid just producing fancy numbers. This article describes a few common problems seen frequently with performance testing and shares tips on how to make your performance testing routine better.

  • Book Review: Learn Apache JMeter by Example

    JMeter is an indispensable tool for testing load and functionality of multi-tiered applications comprised of web front ends, JVM servers and a wealth of NoSQL and relational databases. This book is the manual that should have been included to help surmount the learning curve.

  • Interview with Raffi Krikorian on Twitter's Infrastructure

    Raffi Krikorian, Vice President of Platform Engineering at Twitter, gives an insight on how Twitter prepares for unexpected traffic peaks and how system architecture is designed to support failure.