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NuGet is Now Part of MSBuild

by Jonathan Allen Follow 634 Followers on  Apr 06, 2017 4

After experimenting with a json-based project format, Microsoft has returned to MSBuild as the foundation for C# and VB project files. Along with that decision came the promise to implement many of the much-liked project.json features. Today we’re going to talk about one of these features, NuGet integration.

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.NET Core Plans to Drop project.json

by Jonathan Allen Follow 634 Followers on  May 17, 2016 5

Microsoft has decided to phase out project.json files over the next year or so, slowly returning to the standard .csproj style file.


MSBuild Joins GitHub, Paving Way for Non-Windows Build Systems

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Mar 20, 2015 1

MSBuild, the command-line tool used to build Visual Studio solutions and projects has been released to GitHub under an open source license. This paves the way for non-Windows systems to build .NET-based applications without requiring Visual Studio to be installed.


Android++ with Zero Hardware Restrictions, MSBuild, LLVM, GCC, Integrated GDB Debugging

by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 30, 2014

The recently released Android++ in closed beta enables you to build Android apps using Visual Studio with support for zero hardware restrictions, MSBuild, LLVM, GCC in addition to integrated GDB debugging.


T4 Editor 2.2.1 with Visual Studio 2013 Preview, New Template Gallery and F1 Support

by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 29, 2013

T4 Editor 2.2.0 enables you to create a library of reusable snippets in addition to an ability to make use of project properties with include and assembly directives, which works not only in the standard IDE but also in the msbuild host. It also includes support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview, new template gallery and F1support for directives.


Microsoft's C# and VB Compilers Now Freely Available

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Aug 01, 2013 3

MSBuild has been renamed to Microsoft Build Tools. This new package includes Microsoft's C# and Visual Basic compilers, making all 3 freely available and independent from Visual Studio or the .NET Framework.


WiX v3.7 - MSBuild, Self Update and Reference Counting

by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 31, 2012

The recently released WiX 3.7 includes support for MSBuild, self update and reference counting


Using IL Weaving to Inject INotifyPropertyChanged into Properties

by Jonathan Allen Follow 634 Followers on  Feb 14, 2012

Simon Cropp has released an IL weaving tool that wires property changed notifications into automatically implemented properties. IL weaving is a technique in which the IL code in an assembly is rewritten to add functionality.


MSBuild Extension Pack

by Al Tenhundfeld Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 23, 2009

MSBuild Extension Pack is a collection of MSBuild tasks providing reusable components to perform common build tasks. The recently released version has over 240 tasks including WMI interaction, tokenizing files, and interaction with BizTalk.


MSBuild Extension Pack Brings 170 Build Tasks

by Jonathan Allen Follow 634 Followers on  Oct 10, 2008

Like the open source projects that inspired it, Microsoft's MSBuild framework was designed with extensibility in mind. Three years after its release, that decision is really starting to pay off in terms of the number of additional tasks available.


Gallio .NET Test Automation Platform

by Al Tenhundfeld Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 01, 2008

Gallio is an automation platform targeting .NET test frameworks. Instead of each test framework creating its own toolset, including an automation API and test runner, Gallio seeks to provide a neutral, extensible platform with tools and automation services that can be leveraged by any test framework.


Create Installers for ASP.Net Projects with MSBuild and VS 2008

by Jay Flowers Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 05, 2008

Microsoft released the final RTW version of the Web Deployment Projects add-in for Visual Studio 2008. This add-in uses MSBuild to package pre-compiled ASP.NET web applications and sites for deployment.


SQL Database Publishing in Visual Studio 2008 and Today

by Hartmut Wilms Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 16, 2007

The Database Publishing Wizard is a popular add-in for Visual Studio, which supports deploying a local database to a remote host. The Visual Web Developer team announces that the wizard will be integrated in Visual Studio 2008.


MSBuild and #Develop Support Moves F# Closer to Production Quality

by Jonathan Allen Follow 634 Followers on  Sep 11, 2007

Robert Pickering has been hard at work trying to turn F# into a production-grade language. Since that means tool support, he has developed a MSBuild provider and a #Develop plug-in for F#.