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  • Microsoft Dev Proxy v0.15: Mock the APIs Secured with Entra and Many More

    Microsoft has recently unveiled Dev Proxy v0.15.0, featuring a range of enhancements aimed at streamlining app development processes. Among a big list of improvements, the most notable addition is the ability to mock APIs that are secured with Entra. Other additions are related to the simulation of OAuth flows, improved monitoring URLs, improved support of CORS, custom commands and many more.

  • Microsoft Dev Proxy v0.14: OpenAPI Spec Generation, CRUD API Simulation and Many More

    Last week Microsoft announced Dev Proxy v0.14.0, introducing several noteworthy features. Among the additions are the ability to combine rate limiting with mock responses, simplified OpenAPI spec generation, CRUD API simulation, improved macOS setup, easy access to Dev Proxy presets, enhanced mock structures, the introduction of JSON schemas, and various performance and stability improvements.

  • Microsoft Graph: Connect to Essential Data Every App Needs

    Yina Arenas, principal program manager for the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem, gave a session on how to use Microsoft Graph to connect to application data. Using Microsoft Graph, developers can help users to focus on tasks to be accomplished, rather than applications to run. The talk focused on the Build 2018 announcements, getting started, what tools to use, the main APIs, and tips and tricks.