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One Backend Per User: 100% Data Privacy / 0 Scaling Issues

Posted by Michiel B. de Jong  on  Jan 06, 2014 Posted by Michiel B. de Jong  on  Jan 06, 2014

Michiel de Jong suggests solving the data privacy and scalability issues by enabling mobile apps to connect to user's preferred back-end using Dropbox.js, GDrive JS, NimbusBase,, etc.


API Conf Panel: Mobile Back-end as a Service

Posted by Ilya Sukhar  on  May 17, 2013 Posted by Ilya Sukhar Morgan Bickle Marc Weil Miko Matasumura Ty Amell James Tamplin Kin Lane  on  May 17, 2013

The panelists discuss Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), each one presenting his company approach to this segment of the market.