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  • Microsoft Announces 64-Bit Visual Studio 2022

    Microsoft has announced that the forthcoming Visual 2022 will finally be 64-bit. VS2022 will have full support for the upcoming .NET 6, C++20, ASP.NET Blazor, and .NET MAUI. The first preview release of VS2022 is scheduled for third quarter 2021.

  • .NET 6: Async Improvements

    Among the over 100 API changes in .NET 6 are several features designed to make working with asynchronous code easier and safer. These include new WaitAsync methods, reusable CancellationTokenSource, and execution context management.

  • .NET 6: Date and Time Structures

    A long-standing problem with .NET’s Base Class Library is the inability to separately represent date and time values. As part of .NET 6, the new DateOnly and TimeOnly classes seek to correct this oversight.