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  • TC39 Finalizes the Feature Set for ECMAScript 2019

    The ECMA TC39 panel recently finalized the feature set for the ES2019 edition of Javascript (also referred to as ECMAScript 2019). ES2019 improves arrays, objects, strings, symbols, try/catch blocks and JSON with new or updated features.

  • Service Workers Now Supported across All Major Browsers

    With the Windows 10 April 2018 Update released on April 30th, and the Safari 11.1 release on March 29, Edge and Safari join Firefox and Chrome in enabling Service Workers by default. Developers can now develop Progressive Web Apps providing offline functionality and expect them to function across all browsers except Internet Explorer and Opera Mini.

  • TC39 Finalizes Feature Set for ECMAScript 2018

    TC39 finalized the feature set for ES2018, the latest revision to the ECMAScript Language Specification, in their 23-25 January meeting. This update adds new features like asynchronous iterators and rest/spread operators for object destructuring and object literals, substantial updates to regular expressions, and additional updates to promises and template literals.


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