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  • Using Hibernate to Support Custom Domain Object Fields

    by on  Nov 05, 2007 19

    Hibernate is a widely used ORM tool for Java. Some applications of it are not always straight forward however. A new InfoQ article looks at using Hibernate to provide a commonly requested feature of custom fields for domain objects without requiring a restart of the system. The article will walk through the solution's implementation, testing, and future improvements.

  • Using ETags to Reduce Bandwith & Workload with Spring & Hibernate

    by on  Jul 11, 2007 12

    Gavin Terrill explores one of the lessor known facilities available to web developers, the humble "ETag Response Header", and how to integrate its use in a Spring and Hibernate based web app to improve application performance and scalability.

  • Introduction to ActiveMessaging for Rails

    by on  Mar 01, 2007 19

    The maintainer of ActiveMessaging for Ruby on Rails gives a comprehensive and informative introduction to his open-source framework, which enables enterprise messaging technologies to be easily integrated with Ruby on Rails applications, and is getting support from noted industry leaders such as James Strachan and Jon Tirsen.

ORM with DrySQL and ActiveRecord

Posted by on  Dec 08, 2006

Although ActiveRecord has set the bar pretty high for ORM frameworks, the opportunity still exists to extend it, to further reduce redundancy, and to make it even more dynamic. 3

Railway Story: SimpleTicket

Posted by on  Nov 15, 2006

SimpleTicket, a newly open-sourced Rails app provides insight into progress and innovation enjoyed by Ruby on Rails advocates and paints a vivid picture of a dynamic, modern startup. 2

An Update on Spring 2.0 Final

Posted by on  Sep 05, 2006

An update from the Spring team on Spring 2's delay to late Sept to improve JMS, JPA, and integrate with OSGi. 5

Book Review: Agile Java Development with Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse.

Posted by on  Jun 28, 2006

In this book Anil Hemrajani relates Agile practices to Java and the Spring, Hibernate, and Eclipse open source toolsets. It's a useful book for technical managers and Java web developers. 4

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