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  • LLBLGen Pro v4.0 Beta with Table Valued Functions, Visual Studio Integration

    Solutions Design has annnounced the availability of LLBLGen Pro v4.0 beta with several improvements to the designer and runtime system including support for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.

  • PetaPoco: Micro ORM For .NET

    PetaPoco is a thin Object Relational Mapper (ORM) for .NET applications. Unlike full-fledged ORMs like NHibernate or Entity Framework, the emphasis is on simplicity of use and performance rather than richness of features. PetaPoco comes in a single C# file, works with strongly typed POCOs, supports class generation with T4 templates and more.

  • Terracotta improves failover support, adds clustering for 5 more frameworks

    JVM heap-level clustering solution Terracotta released v2.3 yesterday, adding TCP/IP-based active/passive failover, cluster-membership events, and a new pre-configured module system for quick clustering Tomcat, Weblogic, Spring, Lucene, RIFE, Struts 1, Cglib, and iBatis. Jetty has been working on clustering Ajax cometd apps. RIFE's Geert Bevin is also now working for Terracotta.

  • uses iBATIS.NET for persistence

    Popular social site, which is the number 5 most trafficked site on the internet according to is running a .NET backend and uses iBatis.NET for persistence. iBATIS is an open source data mapper framework that is commonly used when projects wish to control the SQL used instead of having it generated by an ORM framework.

  • Martin Fowler on Enterprise Rails

    Martin Fowler likens DHH to Kent Beck and draws conclusions about the future of Ruby and Rails in enterprisey settings.