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Orion 12 Brings Full Support for ECMAScript 2015

by James Chesters Follow 2 Followers on  Jun 28, 2016

The Eclipse Orion project team has released version 12, bringing full support for the ECMAScript 2015 Language Specification. Mike Rennie, Orion contributor, says the release continues to emphasise Orion's JavaScript tooling, and that along with support for ECMAScript 2015, the release includes improved project configuration capabilities, and support for eslintrc.* files.


Orion 6.0 Brings Language Tooling Support for JavaScript

by James Chesters Follow 2 Followers on  Jun 24, 2014

Orion 6.0 will be released this month, bringing with it improvements to the language tooling support for JavaScript development.


Orion 5 Supports More Languages and Can Deploy to Cloud

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Mar 04, 2014

Enhancements in Orion 5 include: syntax highlighting for several languages, content assist for several Node.js libraries and databases, better syntax validation, cloud deployment and others.


Eclipse Orion 2.0 Now Runs Locally on Node.js

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Mar 04, 2013

Eclipse Orion 2.0 has been recently released with support for Node.js, Projects, more and improved Shell commands, better JavaScript code assist and performance improvements.


Eclipse Orion: A Browser-based Editor for Web Applications

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Oct 31, 2012

The Eclipse Foundation has released Orion 1.0, a browser-based editor for web applications written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


EclipseCon 2012: Community Award Winners, Eclipse 4 Application Platform, and Orion 1.0

by Charles Humble Follow 1007 Followers on  Mar 27, 2012 2

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the winners of the annual Eclipse Community Awards on the opening day EclipseCon 2012. The awards recognize the top individuals, projects and technologies in the Eclipse ecosystem.


GitHub Adds Web-Based File Edit and Commit Feature

by Werner Schuster Follow 9 Followers on  Aug 16, 2011

GitHub just added a new feature: files in the web view of a Git repository can now be edited and then committed in the browser. A similar feature was added to Google Code a few months ago.


Eclipse launches Open Beta of OrionHub

by Alex Blewitt Follow 4 Followers on  Mar 21, 2011 1

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the availability of OrionHub, a hosted implementation of Orion, the new web-based platform for build and editing.