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  • OverOps for .NET: Tal Weiss Q&A

    In January, OverOps announced that it is expanding its support to the .NET ecosystem. OverOps is a continuous reliability platform that allows developers to analyze and optimize code at runtime. InfoQ interviewed Tal Weiss, co-founder, CEO, and CTO at OverOps, about how engineers can benefit from using OverOps and the future of automating the production debugging process for .NET.

  • Five Ways to Not Mess Up Microservices in Production

    Alex Zhitnitsky of Takipi has written about five ways to try to improve the chances of successful deployed of microservices into production. As we will see, they share many similarities with other independent efforts, perhaps leading us to agreement on top areas of concern, if not ways of solving these problems.

  • Artfully Benchmarking Java 8 Streams and Lambdas

    Benchmarking and comparing Java 8 functional-style programming with the imperative-style can be tricky at times. Takipi blogs' recent posting shows us how.