Lachlan Heasman and Bernd Schiffer on Agile Coaching

Interview with Bernd Schiffer Follow 0 Followers , Lachlan Heasman Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 12, 2013

Lachlan Heasman and Bernd Schiffer talk about Agile Coaching and how to define it and the skills required as well as their experiences along the way including Scrum PLoP, 42 things and Agile meetups.


Beyond Fearless Change: New Patterns and the Agile Mindset

Interview with Linda Rising Follow 4 Followers on  Nov 09, 2012 2

In this interview Linda Rising describes what she has learned since writing Fearless Change and introduces 12 new patterns. Linda describes how she realized that some patterns are bigger, wider, and deeper than she originally imagined and offers the Piggyback pattern as an example. Linda also presents research into the fixed versus Agile mindset and renders her own conclusions.


REST and the Web as a Platform, with Subbu Allamaraju

Interview with Subbu Allamaraju Follow 1 Followers on  Jan 31, 2011 1

In this interview, Subbu Allamaraju talks about real life issues of RESTful architectures. He also describes a pragmatic approach of adopting the Web as an integration platform and shares his opinion on OAuth.


Billy Hollis on the Future of Software Development

Interview with Billy Hollis Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 03, 2006 1

David Totzke interviews with Billy Hollis, prolific writer and speaker on all things Visual Basic.NET and .NET in general. Billy shares his thoughts on Windows Forms, WF, Data Binding as well as why he doesn't use Data Binding. He provides insight on when developers should use Patterns and Practices Application Blocks and prognosticates his view of the future of .NET.