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  • Using Kanban for Change: A Case Study from an Insurer

    Kanban is often used to manage work, but the concepts of kanban can also be used to guide a journey of change in an organization. This is a case study of an insurance company that used kanban to get change done to improve visibility and predictability and engaging their people.

  • Concerns about Measuring Velocity for Team Improvement

    Agile teams measure the velocity of their sprints. It helps them to plan and track their progress and provides insight for product owners to plan product releases. Can teams also use velocity data when they want to improve themselves? Several authors have written about velocity and shared their concerns on measuring velocity to improve the productivity of teams.

  • Predictions For SOA, Cloud and Big Data In 2013

    With 2012 drawing to a close it's the season for analysts and others to give their thoughts on what we can expect in 2013. These range from how SOA will be used more in social and mobile, through to it being the year when people will see that Private Cloud is really just virtualization. What do you think of these predictions and can you offer some of your own?

  • Looking Back at Looking Ahead, Gloom for Agile in 2012?

    Many predictions for agile in 2012 were gloomy, with themes including adoptions by organizations that don’t know how, resulting in a lack of addressing management impact across teams and engineering practices in teams. With nearly four months of hindsight, readers can make their own judgments while remaining diligent so that 2012 won’t end gloomy.

  • Gartner’s Predictions for the Next 5 Years

    Gartner predicts a consumer social network investment bubble burst in 2013, and over half of top Global 1,000 companies will store client’s sensitive data in clouds by 2016.

  • New in Google Cloud: SDK 1.5.5, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Prediction API and Premier Accounts

    Google Cloud Services has announced a new version of the App Engine SDK (1.5.5) -the frontend request deadline has been raised from 30 sec. to 60 sec., Python 2.7-, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and Prediction API are out of Code Labs, and Premier Accounts.

  • The Current Status and Predictions on Cloud Computing from Cloud Leaders

    Werner Vogels from Amazon and Satya Nadella from Microsoft talked about the current status of cloud computing, while Lew Tucker from Cisco and Jon Weinman from HP made some predictions on its future at GigaOM Structure Event.

  • New Google APIs: Prediction, Fusion Tables, and Books

    Google has announced new or improved APIs at I/O 2011: Prediction – predicting new results from historic data, Fusion Tables – sharing and visualizing data online, and Books – accessing 15M books.

  • Predictions about Agile in 2011

    As is normal at the beginning of a new year predictions about where industry and practice are heading abound. Mario Moreira and Scott Ambler predict the continued adoption of agile practices across more and more organisations, and the adaptation of agile techniques to larger and more distributed teams, with an emphasis on more structured implementations.

  • SOA Predictions for 2009

    A number of SOA authors and analysts have been making their predictions for where SOA will be going in 2009. Common amongst them are the increasing use of small-scale bottom-up SOA developments, cloud meeting SOA (and maybe taking over some of its hype) and the adoption of open source as a way to cut costs as well as drive adoption.


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