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Is Scrum Atomic?

by Amr Elssamadisy on  May 01, 2007 3

An article on the ScrumAlliance website asked what it means to be practicing Scrum and answered that you must be doing all of the Scrum practices for this to be true. Most of the comments left agreed with that sentiment, and a few did not. So, is Scrum indivisible?

Dave Thomas: EssUP Embraces Agility

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Dec 28, 2006 2

Dave Thomas, founder of the team that produced the Eclipse IDE and the Visual Age Java IDE, recently evaluated Ivar Jacobson's new Essential Unified Process (EssUP). His article on Dr. Dobb's Journal called it "a dramatic improvement to UP," concluding that it "embraces agility."

InfoQ Article: Agile - The SOA Hangover Cure

by Miko Matsumura on  Jul 31, 2006 9

Carl Ververs, an expert on SOA Integration writes about the application of "Agile" development philosophies and methodologies in order to build a sustainable and valuable SOA system.

Digital Focus Unveils Market Survey Results at Agile2006

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Jul 26, 2006

The survey finds Agile Software Development gaining momentum: interest in Agile methods is growing across the IT landscape with 81 percent of those surveyed either actively using Agile development within their organization or looking for opportunities to do so. Launched at the Agile 2005 Conference to assess the state of agile adoption, this year 136 execs in 128 organizations responded.

Has Hell Frozen Over? An Agile Maturity Model?

by Scott Ambler on  Jun 15, 2006 1

Just as the traditionals have their Capability Maturity Model (CMM) do agilists need an Agile Maturity Model (AMM) which allows an organization to assess current state and build a business case for adopting Agile practices?

Agile Project Management Just a Start

by Scott Ambler on  Jun 14, 2006

Alan Shalloway blogs about the need to look beyond agile project management: developers must also be competent at technical skills such as refactoring, agile modeling, and test driven development (TDD).

Ivar Jacobson Reveals Essential Unified Process (Ess UP) Vision

by Scott Ambler on  Jun 07, 2006 2

Ivar Jacobson, father of use cases and the Unified Process (UP) as well as one of the original "Three Amigos" of UML fame, describes his vision for a streamlined version of the UP which is published on a collection of cards instead of as HTML pages.

Where Did All the Positions Go?

by Scott Ambler on  May 31, 2006

How can existing, experienced IT professionals fit into an Agile project? By being flexible, open minded, and willing to change.

Converting a project from a waterfall to an iterative approach

by Scott Ambler on  May 25, 2006

Software developers who firmly believe in an iterative approach must work for clients who, for various reasons, are rooted in a traditional methodology. This article discusses ways to help such organizations make a transition.