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Neo4j: NOSQL and the Benefits of Graph Databases

Posted by  on  Jul 14, 2010 5

Emil Eifrem overviews the trends leading to NOSQL, and four emerging NOSQL solutions. He also explains the internals of a graph database and an example of using Neo4j – a graph DB - in production. Behind Britain’s Entertainment Infrastructure

Posted by  on  Jul 13, 2010

Glenn Saqui and Jon Mullen present the process used at recruitment, work area, continuous integration, tools, pairing, weekly and daily process, story cards, and the production environment.

The DCI Architecture: Lean and Agile at the Code Level

Posted by  on  Jun 30, 2010 5

James Coplien explains the DCI paradigm used to better represent the user’s mental model through code, proposing a way of reintroducing architecture back to Lean and Agile projects.

Social Networks: Getting Distributed Web Services Done with NoSQL

Posted by  on  Jun 29, 2010

Lars George and Fabrizio Schmidt present Germany’s largest social networks, Schuelervz, Studivz and Meinvz, the initial architecture, why it didn’t work and how they solved it with a NoSQL solution.

Data Presentation in a Web-App: Journey of a Start-up

Posted by  on  Jun 29, 2010 1

Simon Oxley presents how his team built a monitoring and reporting web app, the challenges encountered and decisions made, the technologies and tools used, and what are the their plans for the future.

Devs Are From Mars. SETs Are Too.

Posted by  on  Jun 28, 2010

Simon Stewart presents how Google’s Engineering Productivity team and Software Engineers in Test (SETs) help developers to make their code more maintainable, recommending some of their tools.

Embracing Concurrency At Scale

Posted by  on  Jun 23, 2010

Justin Sheehy explains the principles behind concurrent distributed systems: no global state, no ACID but rather BASE, no RPC but protocols over APIs, prepare for failure, degradation, measurement.

Save the Day with Noda Time

Posted by  on  Jun 16, 2010

Jon Skeet presents Noda Time, a .NET port of Joda Time which is a Java library for handling time. Skeet discusses the troubles handling time with the .NET API, and how Noda Time solves those issues.

The Present and Future of Web App Design

Posted by  on  Jun 16, 2010 4

Torrey Rice presents relevant milestones in the evolution of the web from a UX perspective and tries to foresee the future of web development and what it will mean for developers and casual people.

Project Voldemort at Gilt Groupe: When Failure Isn't an Option

Posted by  on  Jun 15, 2010

Geir Magnusson explains why Gilt Groupe is using Project Voldemort to scale out their e-commerce transactional system, what are the benefits and what is the current architecture after ditching SQL.

Silos Are for Farmers: Production Deployments Using All Your Team

Posted by  on  Jun 14, 2010 1

Julian Simpson thinks dev and ops should be one team, achieved through: collaboration, respecting everyone, having lunch together, co-location, discussing problems, joined retrospectives, etc.

Mobile JavaScript Development

Posted by  on  Jun 09, 2010

Nikolai Onken makes a case for HTML, JavaScript and CSS developing for mobile devices by presenting the status of mobile cross-device development, opportunities it brings and future prospects.

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