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RESTful SOA in the Real World

Posted by  on  Feb 16, 2011 2

Sastry Malladi presents different ways used by the industry to implement a RESTful SOA, detailing how eBay did it in order to achieve performance, and what lessons can be taken from that.

Consistency Models in New Generation Databases

Posted by  on  Feb 15, 2011

Roger Bodamer talks about consistency models in NoSQL databases, showing how different products deal with replication, multiple copies of information, consistency, failover, high availability.

Being Elastic - Evolving Programming for the Cloud

Posted by  on  Feb 11, 2011 3

Randy Shoup discusses the cloud programming model, covering topics such as state/statelessness, distribution, workload partitioning, cost and resource metering, automation, and deployment strategies.

JRuby: Apples and Oranges

Posted by  on  Feb 09, 2011

Thomas Enebo explains the basics of JRuby, showing what’s different from Java, how Java and JRuby interact with each other, and some examples demonstrating the usefulness of a complementary language.

From E to EcmaScript and Back Again

Posted by  on  Feb 09, 2011

Mark Miller on how E and Caja influenced the EcmaScript 5 standard so it can be a secure language, enabling the creation of safe mashups, and how Dr. SES enables secure distributed computing.

Agile Does Not Guarantee Value Creation

Posted by  on  Feb 08, 2011 1

Leonardo Mattiazzi considers that Scrum and XP are not enough, and complementary Lean principles and practices are necessary to create an Agile culture across the entire enterprise in order to succeed

Erjang - A JVM-based Erlang VM

Posted by  on  Feb 08, 2011

Kresten Krab Thorup emphasizes existing problems with the Java concurrency model, explaining when to use Erjang, a JVM-based Erlang VM, built around the process and actor concepts.

Keeping Agile Agile

Posted by  on  Jan 27, 2011 2

Dan North argues organizations need to continuously innovate, finding new ways and practices to develop software by looking at the motivations behind Agile practices and not just implementing them.

QCon Keynote: Forty Years of Fun with Computers

Posted by  on  Jan 26, 2011 2

Dan Ingalls presents his journey through the world of software developing a number of core technologies over the last forty years, explaining what brought them forth and why they are fun even today.

RESTful SOA or Domain-Driven Design - A Compromise?

Posted by  on  Jan 26, 2011 3

Vaughn Vernon advocates using DDD’s strategic modeling patterns when integrating services in a RESTful SOA implementation, avoiding one of SOA’s pitfalls: focusing on services rather than the domain.

NoSQL at Twitter

Posted by  on  Jan 21, 2011

Ryan King presents how Twitter uses NoSQL technologies - Gizzard, Cassandra, Hadoop, Redis - to deal with increasing data amounts forcing them to scale out beyond what the traditional SQL has to offer

The Problem(s) with the Browser

Posted by  on  Jan 19, 2011

Collin Jackson discusses ways to enforce browser session security against threats such as Cross-Site Request Forgery and various network attacks by using Local Storage and Strict Transport Security.

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