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  • C++ Interpreter Cling Embraces Python Interoperability and Jupyter Notebooks

    Cling is an interactive C++ interpreter built on top of LLVM aiming to make C++ more suitable for exploration and rapid application development. In a recent series of articles, research software engineer Vassil Vassilev describes how they are evolving it to enable interoperability with Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and support for hardware accelerators.

  • Ki is a New, More Flexible Kotlin Interactive Shell

    Ki is a new interactive shell for Kotlin that aims to make it easier for developers to do quick experiments with the language and to take advantage of REPL-driven development.

  • HyperDev Spins Up New Web Apps with No Effort

    Fog Creek Software has released a new web-based tool to create a new web app, live on the internet, without any of the chores normally associated with creating a new app. Called HyperDev, it allows for collaborative front- and back-end development using Node.js.

  • Cling Aims to Provide a High-performance C++ REPL

    Cling is an interactive C++ interpreter that is built on top of LLVM and Clang and promises to provide a leap in productivity by going beyond the usual code-compile-run-debug C++ workflow.

  • Kulla Project: A REPL for Java

    A Java REPL will soon be coming to a JDK near you. Robert Field, engineer on the Langtools team at Oracle, recently proposed the creation of a Java REPL ("Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop") project. After a vote, the project, known as Project Kulla was approved. A REPL is essentially a scripting shell or console, such as a UNIX shell or Groovy console, that can be used for algorithm exploration.

  • CShell Brings a REPL to C#

    One of the attractions dynamic languages possess is the ability to easily support a REPL for quick code experimentation. The open source CShell project brings a powerful REPL environment to C# users, allowing them to combine their knowledge of C# with the speed a REPL provides for exploring code.