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  • JetBrains Launches the Kotlin Notebook Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

    Using the experimental Kotlin Notebook plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, developers will be able to combine code, visualizations, and text, as well as to run code snippets and view their results, all in a single document.

  • C++ Interpreter Cling Embraces Python Interoperability and Jupyter Notebooks

    Cling is an interactive C++ interpreter built on top of LLVM aiming to make C++ more suitable for exploration and rapid application development. In a recent series of articles, research software engineer Vassil Vassilev describes how they are evolving it to enable interoperability with Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and support for hardware accelerators.

  • Ki is a New, More Flexible Kotlin Interactive Shell

    Ki is a new interactive shell for Kotlin that aims to make it easier for developers to do quick experiments with the language and to take advantage of REPL-driven development.

  • HyperDev Spins Up New Web Apps with No Effort

    Fog Creek Software has released a new web-based tool to create a new web app, live on the internet, without any of the chores normally associated with creating a new app. Called HyperDev, it allows for collaborative front- and back-end development using Node.js.

  • Cling Aims to Provide a High-performance C++ REPL

    Cling is an interactive C++ interpreter that is built on top of LLVM and Clang and promises to provide a leap in productivity by going beyond the usual code-compile-run-debug C++ workflow.

  • Kulla Project: A REPL for Java

    A Java REPL will soon be coming to a JDK near you. Robert Field, engineer on the Langtools team at Oracle, recently proposed the creation of a Java REPL ("Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop") project. After a vote, the project, known as Project Kulla was approved. A REPL is essentially a scripting shell or console, such as a UNIX shell or Groovy console, that can be used for algorithm exploration.

  • CShell Brings a REPL to C#

    One of the attractions dynamic languages possess is the ability to easily support a REPL for quick code experimentation. The open source CShell project brings a powerful REPL environment to C# users, allowing them to combine their knowledge of C# with the speed a REPL provides for exploring code.