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  • unREST as the new REST?

    In a recent article Jean-Jacques Dubray discusses why we should be looking beyond REST and perhaps agreeing that it is not applicable to many areas in which it is being used. In an attempt to illustrate where he believes we should be moving, he proposes unREST, which is 3 simple rules for designing successful APIs.

  • SOA Software Releases Atmosphere: an API Management Portal

    SOA Software entered the API management portal market with their release of the Atmosphere portal. The Atmosphere platform ensures security, robustness and availability of enterprise APIs over the right range of interface types. In this article we delve into the reason behind the evolution from enterprise SOA and cloud governance to API management and other technical details around the offering.

  • Bill Burke Discusses REST-*, SOA/ROA and REST

    InfoQ's recent post on REST-*.org, which covered the announcement of REST-* and some of the community response to it, has drawn many responses. Changes have also been made to REST-*.org as a result of some of the feedback. Infoq had a chance to interview Bill Burke, a lead for the REST-* initiative, to learn more.