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  • Ethical Decisions in a Wicked World: the Role of Technologists, Entrepreneurs, and Organizations

    Wherever role you are playing - consumer, employee, entrepreneur, manager - the purpose of a business is to serve society. Organizations need to seek win-win solutions, consider sustainability and ethics in all phases, and learn how to scan and deal with unintended consequences of each intervention. This article brings concepts and ideas to spark initial action for wicked problems using ethics.

  • Q&A on the Book Techlash

    The book Techlash by Ian Mitroff and Rune Storesund explains why companies need to become socially responsible by considering the potential negative outcomes of technology. It explains how proactive crisis management can help prevent a crisis by the early detection and correction of deviations from expected conditions.

  • Self Leadership for Agility

    Christopher Avery will give a talk about leading yourself at the Scaling Agile for the Enterprise congress. InfoQ interviewed him about applying self leadership with the responsibility process, his view on self-organizing teams, the role for leadership in agile, and how top leadership differs in a small organization with only a few agile teams and in large organizations with many agile teams.