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ObjectMother - a Forgotten Testing Tool

by Amr Elssamadisy on  Aug 07, 2007 8

One of the earliest techniques for writing tests using TDD did not use mocks and stubs, but used the actual business objects instead. By creating a set of factories that instantiated, composed, and executed methods on business objects, real objects, in a non-initial-state of their lifecycle, could be created for testing purposes. The name coined for this pattern was ObjectMother.

Steve Yegge Ports Rails to Javascript/Rhino

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Jun 27, 2007 6

At Foo Camp this past weekend, Steve Yegge of Google gave a talk called "Google Rails Clone" where, as John Lam reports, he talked about his experience porting Ruby on Rails to Javascript at Google. InfoQ summarized the community reaction and took the opportunity to speak with Steve Yegge, who was kind enough to answer some questions.

Rails Testing Strategies

by Obie Fernandez on  Jun 12, 2006

Popular Rails community member Kevin Olbrich published a couple of interesting and useful articles on his blog about Rails testing strategies.