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  • Robot Operating System Comes to Windows

    Robot Operating System (ROS), a meta-operating system for robot development, is now available on Windows 10. Microsoft’s initial, experimental build, dubbed ROS1, is integrated within Visual Studio and includes a full port of ROS Core and several modules. According to Microsoft, ROS on Windows will evolve to include full integration with GPU-based machine learning and Azure IoT Hub.

  • Intelligent Automation on Pace for Explosive Growth, But Organizational Challenges Prevalent

    In a recent KPMG study, the professional services organization published a report on the growth of Intelligent Automation. The report suggests that overall spend will reach $232 billion by 2025, compared to $12.4 billion which is spent today. But, this expected growth comes with many challenges, including tool maturity, skilled labor and organizational change management.

  • Neural Networks Trained on Images for Autonomous Vehicles Allow Drones to Navigate through Streets

    A research team at the University of Zurich published a paper detailing how they got drones to fly on street-level in a safe manner. To predict the steering angles and possible collisions the researchers created a deep neural network. It produces a steering angle to navigate the drone itself, and a collision probability so the drone can recognize dangerous situations and react to them.

  • Java One - Final Day and Community Keynote

    Summary of the JavaOne 2014 Community Keynote, including material dropped from the opening keynote.

  • Microsoft Releases Version 4 of Robotics Developer Studio

    In the last years there has been an increasing relevance of robotics which Bill Gates is considering as one of the most important future developments. Microsoft has introduced a development environment for this area early and has recently introduced Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4.0 (RDS4).

  • OpenSim 2.4 - Open Source Software for Modeling & Simulating Movement

    OpenSim represents a freely available open source software system for modeling and simulation of movement. The system is provided by NCSSR (National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research) which denotes a research department within Stanford University, California. The spectrum of possible application domains such as rehabilitation medicine, robotics, or games makes OpenSim interesting.

  • NASA using Android in Space

    On September 1st, the Official Google Blog reported that two Android-based Nexus phones have been transported to the ISS in the last manned Space Shuttle mission ST-135. Researchers want to investigate how robots can help humans experiment and live in space more efficiently with Android playing an important role.

  • MS Robotics Studio Updated

    Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS) is a development environment used to create robotics applications. RDS 2008 R2 has been updated to offer improved performance, better analysis tools, new simulation sensors, and improved tutorials.

  • Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 Released

    Microsoft recently announced the final release of Robotics Developer Studio 2008. RDS 2008 offers a Windows-based environment for development of robotics applications targeted to various hardware platforms. Most notably, RDS 2008 includes enhancements to help hobbyists and begginers get started with visual authoring and simulation tools.

  • Robotics Developer Studio 2008 CTP Available for Download

    Microsoft has recently made available for download the Robotics Developer Studio 2008 CTP.

  • Cogmation's robotSuite is Now Available for Windows

    Cogmation, the maker of the development tool robotFoundary and the matching simulator robotSim, has released a Windows version of the suite. InfoQ has had a chance to talk with Cogmotion's Director of Research and Development, Shawn Schaerer.

  • Mono for Robotics

    Microsoft is not the only trying to get into the robotics business by porting the .NET runtime. Cogmation Robotics is using Mono in their flagship product robotFoundary. Even more surprising, they choose to run it on OS X first.

  • Microsoft has brought .NET to the World of Robotics

    Seeing parallels between the computer industry of 30 years ago and the robotics industry of today, Microsoft is determined to not be left out of the next big thing. For their initial play, Microsoft has released the Microsoft Robotics Studio.