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FutureRuby Conference Coming Up

by Werner Schuster on  Jun 05, 2009

After last year's success of the RubyFringe conference, organizers Unspace will hold the FutureRuby conference July 9-12 2009 - tickets are still available. We talked to Pete Forde of Unspace about what to expect from FutureRuby.

Interview: Geoffrey Grosenbach on PeepCode

by Werner Schuster on  May 23, 2009

In this interview taped at RubyFringe, Geoffrey Grosenbach talks about the Ruby and Rails community, the popular PeepCode screencasts and books, and more.

Interview: Matt Todd on Halcyon

by Werner Schuster on  Mar 24, 2009

In this interview recorded at RubyFringe, Matt Todd talks about his work on the Halcyon framework and how to stop worrying and simple start implementing ideas, dumb or not.

Presentation: Being Dumb And Using It To Your Advantage

by Werner Schuster on  Mar 24, 2009

In this talk from RubyFringe, Matt Todd recommends to stop worrying and simply start implementing ideas, dumb or not.

Interview: Luke Francl Explains Why Testing Is Overrated

by Abel Avram on  Feb 18, 2009

In this interview filmed during RubyFringe 2008, Luke Francl explains his position towards testing. While supporting unit testing, he thinks testing is not going to reveal all application defects. Development teams should practice code reviews and usability tests which are likely to discover bugs not visible though other methods.

Presentation: Jazzers and Programmers

by Werner Schuster on  Feb 08, 2009

In this presentation from RubyFringe, Nick Sieger explains the history and nature of Jazz music and what it has in common with Programming.

Presentation: CouchDB and Me

by Werner Schuster on  Feb 03, 2009 9

In this talk from RubyFringe, Damien Katz explains what drove him to create CouchDB, why he chose Erlang, how it ended up as an Apache project and much more.

Interview: Dan Grigsby Shares Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurship

by Abel Avram on  Jan 31, 2009

In this interview made by InfoQ’s Rob Bazinet during RubyFringe 2008, Dan Grigsby talks about programming and entrepreneurship, how a programmer can take his idea and transform it into a successful product.

Presentation: Conceptual Algorithms

by Werner Schuster on  Jan 28, 2009 5

In this talk from RubyFringe, Tom Preston-Werner talks about how he uses the scientific method for tracking down software problems. He demonstrates how he used this approach to track down a particularly sneaky memory leak in a Ruby app, and more.

Interview: Jay Phillips on Adhearsion and VoIP

by Werner Schuster on  Jan 17, 2009

In this interview recorded at RubyFringe, Jay Phillips talks about VoIP, Asterisk and how his framework Adhearsion makes it easy to write voice applications.

Presentation: Testing is Overrated

by Werner Schuster on  Jan 17, 2009 8

In this talk from RubyFringe, Luke Francl asks: is developer-driven testing really the best way to find software defects? Or is the emphasis on testing and test coverage barking up the wrong tree?

Presentation: Ruby.rewrite(Ruby)

by Werner Schuster on  Dec 10, 2008 4

In this RubyFringe talk, Reginald Braithwaite shows how to write Ruby that reads, writes, and rewrites Ruby. The demos include extending the Ruby language with conditional expressions, new forms of evaluation such as call-by-name and call-by-need, and more.

Interview: Damien Katz Relaxing on CouchDB

by Abel Avram on  Nov 25, 2008 2

In this interview, Damien Katz talks about CouchDB, a distributed, fault tolerant, document oriented database developed by Apache Incubator. CouchDB is written in Erlang, and the database is accessed through an HTTP/JSON API. The database view engine is run on JavaScript, but other languages have been used like Ruby and Python.

Interview: John Lam on IronRuby, Microsoft and Open Source

by Werner Schuster on  Nov 02, 2008 1

In this interview from RubyFringe, John Lam talks about his work on IronRuby and how Microsoft is approaching Open Source software development.

Presentation: Rockstar Memcaching

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 28, 2008

In this presentation from RubyFringe, Tobias Lütke talks about memcached, the widely used caching solution. Tobias explains how to use it and gives some practical tips on what not to do.