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  • NIST Cloud Computing Twiki Launched

    Today NIST began sending users their credentials for their Cloud Computing twiki, of which Kevin Jackson was one of the first to be granted access. The intent of the NIST working group is to promote cloud computing adoption and overcome the current percieved barriers of security, interoperability and portability.

  • Considerations for an S+S Implementation

    The article, Design Considerations for S+S and Cloud Computing, written by eight architects from Microsoft, is a collection of design considerations to be taken into account when planning the architecture of a Software plus Services (S+S) solution for the enterprise.

  • Relational Cloud On the Horizon

    Microsoft has announced that SDS will deliver full relational database capabilities as a service. The core foundational components of SDS have not changed and it is still the same proven architecture of the current CTP. However, the ACE (Authority, Container, Entity) data model is being retired.

  • David Chappell: Introduction To Cloud Computing

    David Chappell published a Microsoft sponsored white paper on Introduction to Cloud Platforms