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  • Is SOLID Still Relevant in Modern Software Architecture?

    Daniel Orner published a recent article arguing that SOLID principles are still the foundation for modern software architecture. According to Orner, while the practice of software development has changed in the past 20 years, SOLID principles are still the basis of good design. The author explains how they also apply to functional programming and microservices architecture, with examples.

  • Becoming SOLID in C#

    Brannon B. King, a software developer working for Autonomous Solutions Inc., has published an article entitled Dangers of Violating SOLID Principles in C# in MSDN Magazine, May 2014. The author outlines some of the mistakes developers can make in their C# code, breaking the SOLID principles and leading to code that is more difficult to extend or maintain.

  • SOLID Design Principles and Other Patterns Revisited For .NET

    Andras Nemes, a web developer on the .NET platform, is doing a series of blog posts on the SOLID design principles and other design patterns he has found interesting in object-oriented programming and design, currently on D in SOLID, the Dependency Inversion Principle. Earlier he has among other patterns covered Command, Builder, Visitor, Bridge and Observer.