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  • HashiCorp Boundary 0.7 and Boundary Desktop 1.4 Released with Dynamic Host Catalogs

    HashiCorp has released version 0.7 of their Boundary open-source project that automates secure identity-based user access to hosts and services across environments. Boundary Desktop 1.4 has also been released for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Key new features include dynamic host catalogs, plugin support (currently for internal use only), and managed groups and resource filtering in the admin console.

  • GitHub to Phase out Support for Git Protocol, DSA Keys and Legacy SSH Algorithms

    With a strong focus on having customer data as secure as possible, GitHub has decided to remove support for the unencrypted Git protocol, DSA keys and some legacy SSH algorithms. Also, it is adding requirements for newly added RSA keys and providing support for ECDSA and Ed25519 host keys SSH. These changes might affect only SSH and git:// users, while the https:// users will be unaffected.

  • Microsoft Announces Public Preview of Bastion Standard SKU

    Azure Bastion is a fully-managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution providing customers a secure way to connect to a virtual machine using a browser and the Azure portal. Recently, the company announced the public preview of the second Stock Keeping-Unit (SKU) called Standard.

  • Microsoft Releases Azure Bastion, Eliminating the Jumpbox Virtual Machine

    In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the preview of a secure remote desktop solution, called Azure Bastion, which does not require organizations to expose virtual machines using public IP Addresses. The platform as a service (PaaS) extends virtual machine connectivity using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell (SSH) inside a modern web browser.

  • Critical Bug Affects OpenSSH Users

    A critical bug has been revealed that affects users running OpenSSH. The bug affects both the OpenBSD specific version and the portable version used on Linux and several other operating systems. Patches and mitigations are available now.

  • GitHub Revoked Compromised and Unsecure SSH Keys

    GitHub has recently started revoking SSH keys that were deemed to be compromised or otherwise insecure. Systems engineer Ben Cartwright-Cox was the author of the research that uncovered the issues. InfoQ has spoken with him.

  • Microsoft Recommits to Providing SSH for Windows

    The third time may be the charm as Microsoft has announced intentions to produce native SSH client and server tools for the Windows platform. Using OpenSSH as a starting point, Microsoft says their goals for the new toolset includes easier system management of both Windows and Linux systems.

  • MoSH - The Mobile Shell

    The Mobile Shell takes a number of new approaches in providing shell connections for mobile and roaming clients.